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Feminism is a Cultural Marxist trick to pretend to help women but really to hurt them. It makes women opposed to their natural feminine nature and makes them miserable in the long run. Feminism also is about genocide. The ethnic groups infected with it experience population decline and since it is pushed mainly on white people, feminism is about white genocide.
Aside from student loans, alimony and child support are the only things in Western Society where not paying them lands the victim in debtor's prison. Given the society in Western countries due to feminism, at some point a woman will get bored of the marriage and cheat. She will find the dumbest man, a man who will say, "b****, get in my car, I’m gonna take you for a ride on my motorcycle – it’s got cocaine in the glove compartment and I’m a VIP at the greatest disco ever where b***es are taking their shirts off and getting sprayed with shaving foam 24/7.”
The birth control pill, a popular part of feminism, ends up in the water supply and now the male fish are producing eggs. Spain has studied the problem for many years and found both masculinization and feminization of organisms,[17] but of course a common doctrine in feminism is that gender is just a social construct.
"Teach men not to rape" is a popular feminist saying in the early 21st century. This feminist mentality is like going into a poor neighborhood, flashing cash and valuables and saying, "Teach blacks not to steal" or carelessly entering those jaywalk crosswalks (crosswalks in the middle of the street without a stop sign or stop light to stop traffic at them) and then saying, "Teach East Asians not to hit pedestrians."

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Antisemitism (also spelled "Anti-Semitism") is a term and contemporary epithet which has been used in a variety of contexts by different people and organisations, though it was originally invented in 1860 by a liberal Jew named Moritz Steinschneider,[1] the son of a Talmudist born in Moravia. Words like Nazi, antisemite and conspiracy theory were all created and/or used by international Jewry as a means of thought control. When Jews speak of Antisemitism, they usually include the expression "Oy vey!" in there at least once, preferably multiple times.

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Jewish ritual murder

Jewish ritual murder is the murder of a non-Jew by Jews in celebration of the Jewish religious festivals of Purim and Passover. The ritual's purpose is to drain the blood of a non-Jewish person (preferably a young Western Aryan Christian boy) in order to make three cornered Purim pastries or matzo.[1] Both Purim and Passover celebrates the deaths of "oppressors" of the Jews and their children. Accusations/reports of Jewish ritual murders have occurred in all ages, including modern times (a famous instance happened in 1989 during the Oprah Winfrey Show).[2] While some of these may have been false charges, a strong case in favour of the reality of Jewish ritual murder was presented by Arnold Leese in 1938[3] in his book My Irrelevant Defence. Most recently Philip de Vier published the book Ritual Murder in 2001.

Jews today have conspired to remove the term from history and have replaced it with the newspeak wording "blood libel".

While many people are knowledgeable of the human sacrifices allegedly having been performed in the dense jungles of Africa or those of South America, people are nevertheless consistently amazed when it is discovered that one of society's so-called "civilized" members have been perpetrating such a grisly feat for hundreds of years.

The exact number of children ritually murdered by Jews is unknown, but the number may be in the millions.