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(Why to vote Republican)

The devil has Nubians classifying themselves as Democrats while they vote as Republicans. They want you to vote as a Democrat because the symbol of a Democrat so-called reflects the Nubian. The democratic symbol is a donkey. This is an animal that is obstinate, hard headed and stubborn. The Republican’s symbol is an elephant. His personality and lifestyle is opposite the donkey. The elephant is a stable minded thinker, a conservative and vegetarian. The bearer of the Republican symbol is smart because he knows that in the U.S. there is only one party and that is the Republican Party. It is obvious to anyone who has an ear to hear and eyes to see that each time you say the “Pledge Of Allegiance,” you say “. . . and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation under God...” Yet most Nubians are Democrats and not Republicans. They are definitely under the SPELL OF LEVIATHAN.

Dr. Malachi Z. York-El #conspiracy factology.com

The destruction of Black music

The evil one knows that the Nubian has a spiritual and soulful love for music and that it is very much a part of our everyday lives.

The evil one knows that he can control the music world as long as his agents are within the A & R (Artists and Repertoire, who are responsible for choosing who makes it in the music world) of the well known companies. He cannot evaluate Latin or Black music because he (the evil one) has no soul. He only duplicates it.

. . . He had to come up with something to win our souls through his means, and he did it with disco. This music was created to replace the music we made natural with our hands, that stirred the souls within our people. Time after time, he has you mesmerized by his spellbinding artificial music (heavy metal, punk rock, rap, etc.) and abstract sounds that is only a replica of real music that steals the souls of our people that was stirred to life by our drums. Because of his lack of soul, he had to invent all kinds of electronic devices to make his music acceptable to the Brown (Nubian) race.