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(on a thread regarding hate-crime attacks on Asians)

(DaveA): The Handjob Massacre was an incel attack. It had nothing to do with race; it was about sex, and young men who aren't getting any. But the incel narrative is now out of fashion, so the media shoe-horned it into the white-supremacist narrative instead. White racism is to blame for everything. Our racist thoughts float out of our heads and drift around like evil spirits, causing all sorts of suffering to non-white people.

(Saint Bridget): I have lived in very close proximity to Asians and blacks. They are both terrible. While Asians will assault your ears with their scream like Ching Chong barks and nose with their smelly food and filthy public health behavior, blacks will assault just you. Like physically. Lol. Both losing situations. They really have no business being in this country.

(Colonel_Sledgehammer): Which is why I've always wondered how Anglin could spend so much time living among them. Try watching a news broadcast from China or Thailand and not wanting to hurl yourself off the tallest building you can find, LET ALONE live amongst them and have to listen to that shit all day long. Their language is like some super insectoid sound weapon from an episode of the original Twilight Zone series.

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Currently we are suffering under a brutal regime of Soviet-style Judeo-Negro tyranny.

*If the mob comes for you, the police will stand down, until you start defending yourself, then they will shoot rubber bullets at you.

*If blacks come to destroy everything you've spent your life building for your family, you will be condemned for valuing property more than the right of "people" to steal and destroy it.

*If you are attacked by a black and defend yourself, you will be given 400 years in prison.

*If you call a black man a nigger and he kills you, he will not be charged with anything.

*Black criminals will be allowed to wantonly escape from police, but if you call the police on a black criminal who is menacing you or committing some other act of aggression, you will be charged with thought crimes.

Some other things you can expect to see coming:

*They will take the children of racists and place them under foster care in specifically chosen black homes.

*It will be a hate crime for white women to refuse sex with a black man.

*There will be a social credit system for white people based on how much money they give to black people and causes.

*Every time a black demand is met, they will turn around and call the way it was met racist, and make new demands.

*The tracking/microchip system they implement purportedly to combat COVID will be used to identify and mark racists so that they can be excluded from the right to buy and sell, run for office, or even get a fair redress of grievances before the court.

*Justice will be ad hoc and summary, the courts will be stacked with Jews, Blacks and their soulless white lackeys. If you go into court, the only hope of maybe escaping without being life ruined will be massive bribes.

*I wont be surprised if a jury trial will be declared a relic of white supremacy, and all decisions will be made in a closed court by judges.

*Like accusations of witchcraft in ye olde times, blacks will invent claims of racism specifically in order to have white people they dislike killed. "Racists" will be murdered this way and the murderer will be celebrated as a hero

More than a decade ago I predicted an Islamic uprising to establish a caliphate, a camp of the saints flood into Europe, and an anarchic race war in America by 2025, and it has all come to pass ahead of schedule. I wish I could encounter and gloat to all the ex-friends who accused me of being a gullible bigot who believed everything he read online (very ironic if you think about it). Most of the predictions I make in this post might have seemed extreme not long ago, but save them to a txt file and look them over again in 2030. Hopefully I am way off the mark, but if trends continue....