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(on a thread regarding hate-crime attacks on Asians)

(DaveA): The Handjob Massacre was an incel attack. It had nothing to do with race; it was about sex, and young men who aren't getting any. But the incel narrative is now out of fashion, so the media shoe-horned it into the white-supremacist narrative instead. White racism is to blame for everything. Our racist thoughts float out of our heads and drift around like evil spirits, causing all sorts of suffering to non-white people.

(Saint Bridget): I have lived in very close proximity to Asians and blacks. They are both terrible. While Asians will assault your ears with their scream like Ching Chong barks and nose with their smelly food and filthy public health behavior, blacks will assault just you. Like physically. Lol. Both losing situations. They really have no business being in this country.

(Colonel_Sledgehammer): Which is why I've always wondered how Anglin could spend so much time living among them. Try watching a news broadcast from China or Thailand and not wanting to hurl yourself off the tallest building you can find, LET ALONE live amongst them and have to listen to that shit all day long. Their language is like some super insectoid sound weapon from an episode of the original Twilight Zone series.



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