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Cat's Claw is an 'AntiMutagenic:' Capable of reducing the frequency of mutation.
Cat’s Claw stops the mRNA from mutating the cells into spike protein factories.
Not only that, it also stops the mutation of cancer cells.

Cat's Claw benefits against the death shots:
Cancer, Heavy Metal Poisoning, AutoImmun Diseases, Heart Disease, Internal Bleeding, Blood Clots, Fatigue, Glioblastoma Brain Function Impairment, HIV, AIDS, Poor Blood Circulation, Angina, Blood Impurities, Heart Attacks, Whole Body Antibiotic, AntiCoagulant, Immunity Booster, AntiViral and AntiBacterial Infections, AntiImflammatory, Analgesic, Detoxicant, AntiOxident, Blood Purifier, AntiParasitic, Immunomodulator, and so much more

My Experience Healing My Mother:

I do not have a lab and or diagnostic medical test equipment so I am unable to run the test and studies to prove what I have observed. I can only tell you about my experience healing my mother with Ivermectin and Cat's Claw glycerin tincture.

My mom came to visit me with grey skin, painful edema in lower extremities, the palms of her hands were black, she complained of Angina, she constantly complained of her injected arm hurting her to the point she could not sleep, the tips of her fingers were numb, a metal spoon would stick to her arm at the injection site, her kidneys were failing because of the spike proteins, all her internal organs were swollen and the swelling was visible and palpable.

She had a strange smell to her urine whenever I took her to the bathroom.

All these symptoms have dissipated with the Cat's Claw and Ivermectin.
It took 3 months to detox my mother from the Bio Weapon Injections. All her previous symptoms went away.

We live 5 miles from the Canadian boarder in Washington State Highlands of the Okanogan. There are no cell phone towers, no cell phone reception, no 5G, no G anything. This could be a factor in my mother’s detox. I am surprised we have internet. Our closest neighbor lives 1 mile away.