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One just has to visit the globalbiodefense website on a regular basis to learn that millions, if not billions, are granted to research companies (big pharma) for the development of unproven, unsafe, disease-carrying vaccines.

They are creating vaccines for these lab-altered, perhaps, even weaponized viruses at an alarming rate. What for?

Ebola is one of them. They brought the infected here so they can study, experiment on.

Big Pharma and the UN will fan the flames of a PLAn-demic - millions will rush for the vaccines, and since the vaccinated are the carriers, will shed this virus all throughout the populace.

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Martin Shkreli was arrested because he was a Non-Mason

He was cavalier, brash, and deceived his investors

Also he pissed off Hillary Clinton and became a Government target because he tried to raise drug prices

"When Hillary Clinton tried one more time last month to get him to cut the cost, he dismissed her with the tweet “lol.”"

The Rockefellers run the Pharmaceutical Industry

And he was not a Rock

If you don't understand how the circle of power works.. don't get in the ring

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Astronomers are starting to come forward and are saying that Planet X is visible in deep space. It's on its way and will appear more visible as each day goes by. It will appear bigger and bigger in the sky. It cause mass destruction around the world, and people will begin to panic as they see this big planet in the sky. The goverment then will no longer to cover it up and will give people 4 days notice about the catastrophic events that will happen as this planet passes through the solar system.

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The liberal democrats are not only racist (they believe that nonwhites are inferior of achieving the white man's success on their own and must depend on the government. Unless of course said minority is Asian, in which case they must be penalized to bring them down to the level of whites). But they are also horribly classist and elitist. They project their elitism on to conservatives by constantly whining about the 1% that many of them are either part of or not far below.

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Donald Trump is right - We are at war with Islam

God warned on March 25th, 2015 - 5:16am that not only is America at war with Islam; but also with Aliens. (Demons)


Dream: At war with Aliens; At war with Islam

I dreamed I was up on a hill, looking down. I was talking to a woman with a baby in a stroller. All of a sudden, she asks: "Who are those guys? Looks like very tall "Mormons." I looked down and there were ships; hovering above the earth; they were shooting buildings and blowing them up. There were tall Soldiers in space suits; shooting people. Then, our AIR FORCE is there and there is a massive dog fight in the sky. A little stand alone computer; and all in one typed computer flies in a ship up into space. There is a large space ship. It has a large square entrance in the bottom of the ship. It flies in and then, it's looking around. It's kind of like a robot. A hand plugs it into the ships computer system and it scans all. I saw it's little face become downcast, when it learns the truth about the plans of the Aliens.

The ship looked like this:

IMAGE ( [link to dreamsofluke.bravehost.com] )

Then, the scene changes. I'm talking to a three star Army General. We're talking about how hard it is to get rank. I learn, through him that a 3 man group of soldiers goes behind the lines, into Iran. I then am talking to a Presidential Official and I say to her: "Why don't you tell the truth? We're not against Iran or any Country. We're at war with Islam."

I then woke up.

March 25th, 2015 - 5:16am

- See more at: [link to dreamsofluke.bravehost.com]

You guys can one star this thread all you want, but JEHOVAH is trying to tell you something.

Wake up!

But America is too stupid to wake up.

It spits in God's face.
Casts His law behind its back.
Let's His word drop to the ground.

Yet, He still has a stretched out arm.

But one day His mercy will be at an end.

And then where will you be?

One star? You should give me a medal for caring.

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The reptilians are using thought transference on you day and night

They feed off fear and sexual energy; they reside within the R-Complex -- the reptilian portion of your brain.

Have you ever wondered why you constantly think about sex or constantly wish revenge against people who may have wronged you in the past? OR are preoccupied with thoughts of violence in general? Well, m'dears, this is not YOU generating these thoughts, but reptilian beings inside the reptilian brain. The R-Complex is their command center within the human body, so to speak, and it's from here where possession takes place.

When the reptiles generate these thoughts in your mind, you produce hormones which they are highly addicted to and feed off. You are a generator of sex and fear energy for them, and they especially love anal sex, hence the reason so many guys crave such kind of sex.

Some psychics see the reptiles overshadowing humans and plugging themselves into the lower chakras which are associated with sex and fear. Now, long before I learned about any of this reptilian stuff, I started getting heavily interested in meditation. One particular afternoon I closed my eyes and began to enter into an altered state of consciousness, and I started to see a reptilian eye appear in my mind's eye, or more aptly put, my third eye (the photosensitive pineal gland).

The pineal gland can detect dark energy; this is precisely what the 'astral' reptilians are made of, and so is the human spirit.

Anyway, this was no mere fleeting thought, but a consistent form which was so incredibly detailed, that it amazed me to see it. I could see every individual scale, and what i found particularly interesting, was the scales on the reptilian's eyelids kept changing colour like that of a chameleon.

So I decided to remain in the meditative state, to see where this would lead, then, gradually, I began to see more of the creature's form (a reptoid), and I naturally knew that it was a parasite nestling within and controlling my mind.

I continued to meditate thereafter, and again saw the reptilian staring at me. So, I decided to mention my findings to a friend of mine (this was back in 2002 btw), and, to my surprise, my friend told me about the works of a guy called David Icke and how he believes lizard people secretly rule the world. I was like, 'Oh, that is interesting, I'll have to check this guy out sometime'.

A few weeks later, I was in a bookstore, and I saw the name David Icke on one of the book's covers, and I recalled my pal telling me about him, so I take the book (The Biggest Secret) from the shelf and start flicking through it, when suddenly I stop dead at the picture section and see the very reptilian being which I saw during my meditative states.

Here is the very reptile I saw (the horned one beneath the lizard wearing the hood): [link to theageofvolcanoes.files.wordpress.com (secure)]

^^These beings are living inside our brains and possessing all of us to varying degrees. All the wars, all of the evil on this planet is the result of reptilian thought transference. Their thoughts become our thoughts, and we act out according to our thought patterns. This is why the world is shaped as it is, but the majority of humans have no idea that they are just chess pieces being used by these beings.

I am of the belief that the reptiles created human beings (and all life), this Matrix specifically as a dimension to generate intense amounts of fear and sex energy for them to feed off.

Now, despite reaching such conclusions myself, I came across the following account of a man who took a hallucinogen called DMT, and what he saw in his altered state of consciousness matches precisely what I am saying about these beings creating life, as well as using the R-Complex as a place in which to hide and manipulate:

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In the Beginning ELohyim separated the heavens & the Earth. ELohyim means Gods & Goddesses. NOT mono-theistic cunty Judeo-xian buLLshit. EL is the masculine force. EL or Aleph Lamed AL in Hebrew is symbolized by the buLL. A in the ENGlish alphabet inverted, or 90 counter-clockwise is the Arcane Phoenician symbol for Aleph. In both Hebrew & Phoenician Aleph means Ox; buLL. The Word ENGlish is Germanic where E is phonetically I. Vowels vows to EL are often interchangeable, almost always flexible and commonly left out. ING & ENG both derive from the word ANG as in ANGus which means buLL. Ergo, English is BuLLish. ANGels or ANG ELs are two bulls. Same as the word Angle as in angle of Light, as an Angle is the space between two intersecting lines. Lines L ines such as sine & co-sine waves of a double helix. It is said we are born into sin; sin is sine E or siGn, as in Zodiac sign. E in Enochian means Will. EL is the Will of L or EL. ELectricity is a forward masculine motion, kinetic energy. As opposed to Magnetism which draws in, as in gravity. This is where we get the ELectric MARY MAGnetic spectrum ;)

We live in a giant machine. Energy Spiraling out from the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, through us via the Sun or Sol SOUL Energy Helios HELLios Helium, and through Saturn SaturnEL Satur9 & the Moon Mono Mono Eye (money, different convo). The sine co-sine waves producing space-time, double-helix, our DNA, our EGO, our mind, 6th Chakra Anya, our Reptilian mind, the voice in our head come to us via the planet PLANE ET Saturn. Saturn also known as Chronos crow nose crow knows is the 6th planet in the solar soul arch system & has a hexagon at it's north pole. The SpELL of ELL putting the HEX of mortal life / space-time on us, deceiving us from the SUN of God. The Sun orbits the Galaxy, Saturn, son of Uranus, was meant to be star and now feeds off this world in defiance of Cosmic Order.

The Bible is a book of parables pair a bulls parallel pair a ell to the truth. A book of ANGus ELS ANG ELS of light telling us about God the Galaxtic Core and the son sun of God which shine the LIGHT OR LIE GHT of truth onto us, blinding us from said mentioned realities. Heaven, as described in Revelations is a cube. A BORG Cube of perfect dimensions. Servants, slaves to one. Where you remain forever. Hell is the cycle of death and reincarnation into this world, where it is everyone for themselves. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

This is why the book is called the bi-bull.

It is fuLL of buLLshit.

audio metamorphosis is the completion of life

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I wish all muslims in the west would return to the middle east where they can exercise their faith in full flavor.
Let me make myself clear, I also don't want to be molested any longer by headscarfs or people praying in the streets.
Headscarfs are like - look I wish a special treatment.
Freedom of religion, sure, do it at home or in the mosque.

Even the muslims who are born here identify themselves firstly as Muslims secondly as Turks and then as Germans. It's unacceptable, this muslim invasion sh*t need to end now.

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my husband told me about a curse recently placed on the christan church.

Thank God we don't belong to a church but still, a high Orthodox priest put a curse on all the people that go to church and celebrate halloween, christmas on the 25th and New Year on January 1st (it's the 14th if you are Christian) and anyone that does yoga, he's really mad about the yoga.

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We might like the NWO

It could be a post labor world. Without the need for labor there is no need for a class system. There is no one to oppress and no need for religion and police to oppress them.

Our species has become something horrible. We could be really smart monkeys. We should be in favor of anything that would allow us to be monkeys again.

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Its Sucks Being A Prisoner Of this World

Some of us have been prisoners for thousands, millions and dare i say it billion years of being trapped in this world where the government actively kills us erases our memories then put us back in these human shell bodies and the proccess repeats itself again again. are we destined to be stuck here forever? or will the higher ups have some compassion (iam not saying they dont because i know they do) and release us from this evilness? 10 percent of us are the prsioners the other 90 percent are all in on it killing us and keeping us as slaves. such a sad world

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[Re. Syrian refugees]

And they are coming to the U.S.
10,000 just arrived in New Orleans TODAY. After they are processed, they will dispersed to 180 cities around the country!!
Watch some of them, ALOT of them "disappear" somewhere in America-just like the 580+ plus young men that "disappeared" - simply walked away from their Germany camps just over the summer!!
HOW many of these "men" (beasts) have simply walked away and/or never registered, and are now waiting their turn to STRIKE???
BE AFRAID, VERY VERY AFRAID!!! I AM! I'm in NYC, and I feel like a sitting duck. Be THANKFUL, VERY THANKFUL, if you dont live in a major city in the U.S!!

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I estimate 1% of the people we meet/pass in life to be alien.

I am no young Marlon Brando, but I pass some strange looking people during my adventures and the odds are we come across visitors during our life. Perhaps 1% and maybe more if you ask for such a meeting.

When you consider the population of the Earth, it makes sense. I reckon some of them seek out people who they can let in on their secret.

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The Controllers of Time planned the Rousey Fight.. Move by Move

The movie Clockstoppers gave you clues to this technology

Every moment.. Every move.. in that fight was planned out to a T

That is why Rousey was caught so off guard.. The Clockstoppers were intentionally putting her in difficult fighting positions the whole fight

And that surprise kick to the neck.. was planned (and put into position) one millisecond at a time

To create the effect of the Perfect surprising kick to Ronda's head.. when it happens in real time at full speed

Super Bowls are also planned the same way

Notice how the last few Super Bowls have always been GREAT Games

In the 1980s before this technology.. most Super Bowls were blowouts

Thank you controllers of time for making Sporting Events super exciting for the fans!!!

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Re: The 33 11/13/15

[youtube] interesting I noticed when this news story first hit that it took 66 days to reach the miners and 3 days to get them out for a total of 69 which is the same thing as 66 if 6 was 9. Fallen Angels code.. also the size of the hole drilled was 33 inches in diameter. Add the fenix drill and inverted pentagram on the miners rescue shirts they were given and the red, white and blue national colors of Chile and I'd say it's all a bit too much of a coincidence. 11/13/15 release date: whats the square root of 111315? 333.69 oh really. 3 and 33 Osirus, Isis, horus unholy trinity and 33 for degrees of freemasonry. Enki and Marduk are still guiding humanity are they not?

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Is the Van Allen belt a purpose built quarantine field?

I have read a few times that the earth is held under a secret quarantine by some force for some reason. also, anti moon landings theorists suggest that the radiation from the Van Allen belt is proof we never landed on the moon. what if the Van Allen belt is a purpose built field or shield that was switched off just long enough to let Apollo through. That something put it there on purpose. it might even protect us. just a theory. lol

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I noticed it first about twenty five years ago. The stupidity being foisted on the population in the form of pop culture. Degeneracy and race mixing. Look at the Kardashians. They are where they are to promote race mixing. They are only on television to make race mixing with Negroid males look glamorous. Of course most Caucasians are smart enough to see the reality but the dumber fall for it and the media plays it up at every point. They try to reward race mixers. Commercials, television shows and just about every form of media. You will see mulattoes. No matter how unattractive or stupid the presence of the mulattoes seem, the Jewish advertising and entertainment industry refuses to change their obvious indoctrination attempt.

It is sad that the media attempts such indoctrination. Especially so when the Jews prattle on about how propaganda was used against them during WWII by the Nazi regime and yet they do the very same thing in the modern times in order to hurt people. They want to hurt Americans. The very country that helped them all those years ago. Know your enemy.

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Just as all Masonic Lodges will NOT reveal the very top leaders of their Lodge, they will NOT reveal that the "secret government" that controls the world is known as "The White Lodge".

Look up "Royal Arch Freemasons" and you will see that one of their logo's is that of the Star of David, which is a creation of the Rothschild family. This "star" is two Masonic triangles (pyramids) put together. The reason Freemasons use the pyramid as a "sacred" symbol is because of the fact that Freemasonry was born in Egypt, the "land of the pyramid".

Freemasonry is also known as "The Craft"...as in witchcraft, and it was brought out of Egypt with the Jews (during Moses' time). (no, Moses was NOT a Freemason).

Freemasonry uses God's people like toilet paper, and they (the Freemasons) claim to be SOOOOO religious as they "mirror" the True Word......but then, their god, Satan, also claims to be Christ...so what's new??

(royal arch freemasonry "picks up" where the master mason (32nd degree) leaves off, and the royal arch has four more degrees to it, with the very top degree being the one's who control the Lodges and who control the worlds governments)

While Freemasons use the color blue, (like in the blue ties worn by our Politicians), The Royal Arch uses the color Red, so when you see a politician, or anyone else, wearing a red tie, then know that that person has even more power than just a "regular" Freemason.

This world is secretly ruled by The White Lodge members who have reached the highest Royal Arch degree possible, which means that they are fully indoctrinated in EVERYTHING.

(to say "remote viewing" is just another way of saying "scrying", and this technique is based on the ability of the individual, and nothing else, which therefore makes it impossible for any one country to be "years ahead" of the other countries...no offense intended.)

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The missile that was fired off the coast of California this last weekend WAS NOT fired from an American submarine.

There are reports that this missile was fired by China, but I, personally, feel it might have been fired from a Russian sub. The reason for it being Russian is because of the air-liner that went down in the Sinai, and "landed" near an area where U.S. and Israeli troops were having "drills" that included missiles being fired (there is also speculation of some sort of "sound beam" being tested).

Putin knows who dropped that air-liner, and it WASN'T ISIS. As a warning (my opinion only), Putin had one of his subs off the coast of California (that have been there for months now) fire a missile. Again, this is all part of the script, as the worlds leaders bring in the New World dis-Order...minus a few hundred million Christians and Jews.

The big question that we should be asking is this: "Where was this missile headed"?

Is it possible that when the missile reached its pinnacle, that it released something into the atmosphere??

We'll know pretty soon.

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Either NASA is stupid - Or lying to you about Mars

This comes from my great interest in the subject and much study into it.

What happened to Mars atmosphere?

What happened was a space war. God destroyed Planet Tiamat with a plasmoid. This put chlorine into the soil. That chlorine ate the ozone layer.

The solar wind did the rest.

George Lucas borrowed from the mythos about Planet Tiamat, and incorporated it into Star Wars. Sorry to say, he lied about the events, and how it was destroyed, to enrich himself.

Basically what happened on Tiamat, is what happened on planet Earth.

Tiamat promoted Kingu to General and Commander of the armies.

He used genetic manipulation, to create 11 different kinds of monsters.

Had God not destroyed Tiamat, they would have infected the entire Universe.

It was basically "Pest Control."

But, the Egregoroi, which were in the Army with General Kingu, came to Earth and they corrupted the genome of everything on this planet.

God put many of them into Tartarus; "Angel Hell."

Now, in these last days, we see the same thing.

Just as in the Day of Noah.

What was it about Noah?

He wasn't morallly pure. He was genetically pure.

The only man on the planet who had pure Adamic DNA.

So, here is how Lucas presnted it, using a fictious planet, Alderaan; which was basically Tiamat:

That is totally false.

There was a ship. And it had advanced weaponry.

What it did was use Jupiter as a emitter.

The ship targetted the poles of Jupiter with Microwaves, at different frequencies.

This made a plasmoid leap from the compressed hydrogen in the atmosphere; which was almost like metal.

This plasmoid looked like a giant lightning bolt, leaping from the planet.

The current atmosphere of Jupiter indicates this.

Also, the "Great Red Spot" storm is the remnant signature of such a discharge.

See, to the scientific community, I just committed a cardial sin.

I invoke the name, "God."

But they know it's true and back in the Eisenhower Admin; our Military made contact with the remaining Egregoroi.

And, after the 1947 Roswell Crash; Technology exploded.

There is nothing new under the sun.

There has never been an original thought; not from man.

You might say, Well, I don't believe you, because it's not in the Bible. Well, yes it is. Revelation 12 speaks of this past war.

Any mention in the Bible of "Rahab" is really Tiamat. Rahab is the Biblical name of Tiamat.

The harlot, Rahab at Jericho was named after the planet.

It's possible she belonged to a sect that worshiped some deity on that planet. It's possible she was a Temple Prostitute/Priestess.

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Re: What is your reason for opposing the new world order?

My reasons are because I am in control of my own life and my own destiny. I am self-determinant and will not willingly submit to anyone or any power. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Here is something I wrote a few months ago expressing my loathing for the NWO:

As we near the precipice - moving ever closer to the end when far too many events converge to ignore - I find myself emboldened to collect my thoughts and write them out for all to see.

A person would have to be a total fool to think that there is any such thing as privacy in this age, and that even though I have done all I know to do (within legality) to protect my own privacy, I know full well that every single keystroke I perform on my computer is logged, recorded, analyzed, categorized, stored, and will most likely be used against me at some point in the future. Whether the man behind the curtain is some paid lackey of the NSA or even some more nefarious organization, I cannot say, but I know it's occurring. I'm too old, too sick, too broke, and too fed up with the state of the world to care any longer what consequence may result from the things I am about to say here. I have nothing left to lose. I have nothing in this world I care about - hence, you have no power over me to coerce or manipulate me.

You and your ilk have worked behind the scenes for thousands of years to enact your grand plan for the world - your New World Order. Your machinations have included the fomenting of wars, famines, genocides. You've treated the planet and it's inhabitants as pieces in some perverse chess game - all because you felt yourselves to be superior, better, more "enlightened" than the rest of us. It would take a lifetime to list your crimes against humanity, but a few highlights of your meddling include:

You provoked, financed, and played both sides of the French Revolution. You're responsible for the October Revolution in Russia, the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition. You're behind the Knights Templar as well as the Jesuits, Opus Dei and many other groups. You're an insidious multi-tentacled beast who has and continues to pull the strings across every group around the globe.

You're responsible for WWI, WWII, and have designs on WWIII - all from the writings of Albert Pike (a known Luciferian, Confederate war criminal, and 33rd degree Mason of the Scottish Rite). Not only did you provoke WWII and the rise of Hitler, but you financed him through the Bush family (Prescott Bush), all the while playing as though you condemned his actions as he marched across Europe.

False flag after false flag are your creations. The burning of the Reichstag in Germany - yours. The bombing of the USS Liberty during the Vietnam War by Israeli planes and blamed on the North Vietnamese - yours. The destruction Buildings 1, 2, and 7 of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 - yours. The Sandy Hook school shooting - yours. The Boston Marathon bombing - yours. Hegelian Dialectic - problem, reaction, solution is your tool to invoke emotions form people and drive popular opinion. Your game is old, trite, and there are more and more of us every day who can see through your facade and will expose you wherever and whenever we can.

You're responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve in the US - an illegal institution designed to enslave not only the citizens of the US, but eventually to control the economy across the globe.

You pick Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes, Princes - and you do so surreptitiously to give the common man the illusion of "choice", when in fact we have no choice whatsoever.

You've corrupted religions from the time of the ancient Egyptians. From the Jewish Talmud (which is nothing more than a re-hash of the Babylonian religion), to the influence and eventual total control of Christianity through the Roman Catholic Church, to the Protestant Reformation and the teaching of false doctrines like a pre-tribulation rapture, to the creation of Islam in order to build yourselves a new player on the game board that you could pit against Christians and Jews. It is YOU who are responsible for the formation of "terrorist" organizations such as Hamas, the PLO, Al-Queida, ISIS - and all of them are lies meant to incite fear in the populous to get them to fall in line with your grander designs.

You are responsible for the moral decay of society through your influence of media and information. You control the education systems of the world. You write the textbooks used in classrooms. You own all the media outlets (TV, newspapers, websites, etc.). You are the ones to push the idea of the "nuclear family", thereby destroying the multi-generational households that served so well for so long. You're the ones behind the scenes pushing the LGBT agenda.

You do all of these things and more - and why? Is it because you really consider yourselves to be superior to the rest of the people on this planet - we whom you call "sheeple" or "useless eaters"? What makes you superior? Ancestry? Lineage? My ancestry, my lineage is far more prestigious than any of yours. My mother, rest her soul, was diligent and dutiful in tracing my family's ancestry further back in history than most of you could fathom. Verified, documented, cross-checked and referenced through multiple sources including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as the British Royal Genealogy Society - blood flows in my veins in a direct line from Edward I of England (ruled from 1272 to 1307 A.D.) on my Father's side, and further back to the year 704 A.D. in Rome on my Mother's side.

I've often asked myself what is the "end game" you wish to play out? Is it merely the totalitarian control of the planet, it's resources, it's people under a one-world government with a single leader at the helm? Is it something more sinister? There is far too much evidence to ignore that you appear to want to actually bring about the "end of days" - Your selection of Pope Francis (who fulfills the prophecy of St. Malachy as the 112th Pope named "Peter the Roman" with his Satanic throne in St. Peter's Basilica), and his blasphemous statements attest to this theory. What role do you hope the "messiah" as recognized by the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri who said before his death that the "messiah" would arrive in the Jewish calendar year 5776 (2015 on the Gregorian calendar) will play in your game?. Why is the Temple Institute in Jerusalem preparing to build the third temple, going so far as to gather all the temple artifacts, build the sacrificial altar, and search the world for the unblemished red heifer who will be sacrificed and whose ashes will cleanse the altar before regular animal sacrifices are to resume?

Do you truly wish to trigger the events in the the book of The Revelation of St. John The Divine? Have you not read it? Spoiler alert - your side loses, badly. If I am alive in this point in history to witness the end of days, then so be it.

Why do you suppress technologies that could actually benefit mankind? Are you scared of losing what tenuous grip of power you actually hold? What gives you the right to decide we as a species aren't ready to learn the truth about our hidden history? Why do you suppress the fact that our current civilization is only the latest incarnation of human upon this planet to reach a technological state? Why do you lie to all of us regarding archeology and tell us lies about the age of our civilization and hide that once, many tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors had in fact colonized most of the solar system? Why do you lie to us about what is actually in space? Why do you hide from us that there is in fact extremely ancient, albeit still extremely advanced technology all over the moon, Mars, and many other bodies in our solar system? Just how cowardly are you - just how afraid are you of us learning the truth and coming after you en mass to seize you and try you for your crimes against humanity?

The above are merely a smattering of events and oddities that illustrate that there are, in fact, some very evil, very malicious, very depraved and mentally ill "people" running the world from behind the shadows. What can I or anyone do about it?

I'm opting out. Fuck your plans. Fuck your designs for the world. Fuck your multi-millennial machinations. Fuck your control systems. Fuck your surveillance grids. Fuck your control over information to keep the rest of us ignorant. Fuck your poisoning of our food supplies, water supplies, medicines. Fuck your Council on Foreign Relations, your Tri-Lateral Commission, your Bohemian Grove, your G8/G5/G20/G-I don't give a fuck meetings. Fuck your Bilderberg Group. Fuck your United Nations. Fuck your secrets. Fuck you. Period.

I for one will never capitulate to your plans. I never accepted your social programming, nor will I ever. I'll never be your debt slave. Whatever monies I owe you, you'll never collect from me. Whatever expectations your plans had for me will wither and die upon the vine. I cannot be influenced by the "pleasures of this world" - I've no need to fuel your plans or your thirst for negative energies by following the societal norms which were laid out for me decades ago. I'm not a fornicator. I'll not produce a new generation of slave for you to abuse throughout their lives.

I am your enemy. If we are to do battle, then let us get to it.

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Islam and Catholics to Team-Up Against America

When the Church created Islam, they made this religion to parrallel Catholicism.

I don't remember the year right off hand, but the Church used (and STILL uses) Muslim armies, and gave these armies three "orders", to kill all Jews and Christians, to take over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, and to NOT kill any Catholics that they came across in battle. Hmmmm. Let's look at how this relates to today's news.

America is being inundated with people from Mexico and South America, ALL of them are Catholic. There are no fences to keep them out, nor do "they" want any kind of hinderences to these illegal aliens coming to America.

You see, going back to the days when Islam was created, and made to look upon Catholics as their "brothers and sisters", the plans were laid for the take-over of every country that was in the "cross-hairs" of the Church (every Christian Nation). And while the Muslims will be made to look like the "bad guy", the truth is, when the SHTF in America, the Catholics from these countries will step up and fight next to their Muslim "brothers".

And that's why there are millions and millions of Catholics being allowed into America to this very day.

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Bees do not produce honey. SWEET LIE

Bees in the wild are bees and look-like the honey bees only their hives aren't made from wax but a dry carbon-like fiber with the hexagonal configuration just like the wax honey comb pattern. But these bees do not produce honey or pollen or jelly like the so-called honey-bees that supposedly do.

Honey bees are the only bees that shit-out gold, which is strange since they are bees like other bees. And just like dogs from diffrent breeds dogs more-or-less all eat the same foods and need the same care and there's not one breed that shits or vomits differently from other breeds of dogs, just like humans of different races all are just people. The males have dicks, the females pussies and with lactating tits and it's not like one race of women squirts out chocolate syrup, women are all alike.

Like dairy cows, they're all cows. Sure some breeds produce more milk with a smaller fat percentage while other produce a richer milk but they all produce milk, and not one breed of cows produces anything other than milk. So why does a specific bee produce what other bees don't? Because honey is man-made from sugar which is very abundant and the wax is also man-made using robotic food processors to spray a thin coat of wax made from Lecithin on a hexagonal configuration made of Communion Wafers baptizing the world into the lie.

Born into sin is the old Aphorisms.

Welcome to earth motherfawkers!

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There is an Ancient Device that amplifies Psychic Energy, and the Elites are looking for it.

Apparently they still think it's in Babylon.

They have been looking for years, there are references in ancient texts, including some in cuneiform. So they know that the device exists, or existed at one time. Because of it's nature they believe it to still exist and think it's buried in Babylon.

They have been training people for decades to be able to use the device once they find it.

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FOR EXAMPLE...DEFINE MATHEMATICS...the abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Mathematics may be studied in its own right (pure mathematics), or as it is applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics)...
DEFINE ABSTRACT...existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence...
DEFINE EXISTING...in existence or operation at the time under consideration...
DEFINE TIME...1.the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole...
DEFINE INDEFINITE...lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time...











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Let me tell you something about Bieber that even The Elite don't know

Justin Bieber is the reincarnation of Jesse Presley

I was incarnated as Elvis Presley

Justin is my Twin Spiritual Brother..

I let the Elite believe Justin is the Nemo that rules the world

I did the fame thing when I was Elvis.. now in this lifetime I am letting Jesse (Justin) get all the attention

I am his older much wiser brother

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the opposite of missing time.

i've read a lot of people's experiences with missing time...where more time has passed than what they think. has anyone else ever experienced the opposite of that? where less time has passed than they think? it happens to me fairly frequently. and its never anything big, like, hours or anything. but its enough to notice. i tend to be a creature of habit, and i know exactly how long it takes me to do the mundane tasks i do everyday. so when i do an activity that takes me 10-20 minutes to do everyday, and the clock says only 2 minutes has passed, and i wasnt rushing or doing things any quicker than normal...i notice. or when i do something that i know takes at least a half an hour, and only 5-10 mins passed, ...i notice. its almost like little time slips or something. either way, its kinda weird, but i figure im probably not the only one, right? so does anyone else have these experiences?

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John McCain Plotting Shoot Down of American Plane in Syria to Blame on Russia

Wow, I just don't know what to think of this news. Is it real....fake...? I just don't know. But here it is being reported on a web site, it even has the transcript from the phone calls that (supposedly) prove that this is what will take place in a few days from now. If real, this plan has already been set into motion.

This transcript can be found at:

The title of the story is:

Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain and Saakoshvili are plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia

This story is dated with today's date (October 28, 2015)

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The nominees for Best Crisis Actor, cast your vote in the comments. It's a tough decision with so many poor performances its hard to be convincing when your lying to thousands of people, but these cretins do it with such ease. Some even raised thousands for a fake cause.

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I Need Your Thoughts: What is This New Agenda REALLY About?

Last night on the world news there was a segment about how new tires being sold to the public can be up to a decade old...right off the shelf.

Now our government wants to make everyone register their new tires. They say that they are concerned about the publics' health and safety, which raises an immediate red flag (with me). Since when have they cared about the publics' health OR safety??

So I was wondering about just what the true Agenda is.
Are new tires going to, or do they already, have a little satellite pack on the inside of the tire with its own code...so that when people speak out against the Elite "they" just send a message to that device and BOOM....your tire blows out and you wreck, possibly being killed? I know that this may seem far-fetched, but let's face it, the Elite spend more time trying to figure out new ways to kill us than they do trying to help and protect us.

You know, the simple solution to this problem is to make the tire dealers take inventory of their stock, have them periodically check the dates of their tires to see when they were made (which is on every tire), and if these tires reach a certain age without being sold, then send them back to be recycled. Hell, isn't this why we have "sell by" dates on our food products? So why not just do the same with these new tires?? Right out of the factory have each tire stamped with a sell-by date. This would be so much easier, but instead the government wants US to register our new tires.

I smell a rat, but I can't quite figure out what this rat's up to. This is why I would like to hear from others.

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Trump or bust.

If he doesn't go, I'm not voting. I will be convinced that if he doesn't win or make it "they" will have done something because the establishment can't stand a person who can't be controlled. If a politician gets in there, it's done. If people seriously vote for that with the propaganda given to them when they have a person who can't be controlled or told to shutup, who isn't a politician, says things how they are and doesn't bend over for the other guys, in a person that is Donald Trump, this country deserves it's fate then. I have nothing else to see if that happens.

I wasn't going to vote anyway, but Trump running made me really want to see him do it. If he somehow doesn't get on the ballot where "something" happens, I won't be voting for the first time in my voting life and I will be happy telling people that.

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Check this out Reverse the name Elisa Lam and run it through Google Translate and it Translates to Evil Asylum.

i.e. Mal Asile = Evil Asylum

That's in French.

Whenever I study the Elisa Lam case I can feel some kind of malevolent presence around me, even now. It always comes when I study about the Elisa Lam case. I have never experienced that with any other subject. I've read others who wrote the same thing.

Be careful of the Elisa Lam topic!

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Re: Human DNA found in hot dogs

this should come as no surprise.

when in a disordered state of mind, you can smell the tainted meat. it is food for the alien/human hybrids which depend on the human flesh hidden in food.

these hybrids all have the same scent, exist in any race/level of income. they depend on the meat because it helps to retain their human form.

i'm not sure if the 'aliens' are a part of this too, or just the alien/human hybrids.

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I am old enough to remember the Texas Clock Tower sniper back in 1966. Was this the start of what has become a modern fad? Looking past that one for a moment, I cannot seem to understand WHY so many occur at college or even school campuses. The colleges where these have all occurred were not at all like mine where we were all not only armed but were square pegs pounded rigorously and continually into round holes (we dealt with it without violence), they are fun places, no? Normally, drinking partying and drug overdoses should be the main cause of premature death, NOT shootings.

It makes me wonder, being a tail gunner on the Baby Boomer generation, what with college campuses of the past being hotbeds of liberal idealism, why can they not still be such places? As such perhaps covert movements might very well be promoted there to bring about a liberal agenda of "peace, love and understanding" by eliminating firearms first. It would not be the first time I heard such bilious BS spewed by high minded "intellectuals" willing to go the extra yard for the goal?

Something is rotten here and I'm not buying into it. The people that frequent such places have had little time to experience enough life to be desperate enough to resort to mass murder, don't you think? It just does not make sense.

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Did you ever notice how all the so-called terrorists have complete facial covers.

I mean, if these terrorists like Al Queda and ISIS were legit, why would they care who saw their faces since apparently, they are totally willing to die for their cause.

[link to www.mirror.co.uk]

And now they are threatening to kill all Jews across the world.

Maybe the real reason they have their faces covered is this..

"Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis Coalition"

“There is a strong cooperation between MOSSAD and ISIS top military commanders...Israeli advisors helping the Organization on laying out strategic and military plans, and guiding them in the battlefield”

[link to www.veteranstoday.com]


The next logical step would be for Israel to come crying to the US for more (free) arms to (chuckle) defend themselves with!

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FIRST CONTACT 28.11.15 53N 0.53W AM

Well, it's confirmed. The Khu will make first contact in several thousand years in a few weeks time. I've been in contact with them for a few months because I believe in the Creator as do they. They communicate through maths mostly but they do understand English.

They are currently located on the moon. They've been there for over 100 years. They want to assist us because they say we are in danger and it is what the Creator wants.

They depart the moon early on the Saturday morning and will fly in from the North West over Greenland, the Atlantic, the West of England, over the Pennines and to Lincolnshire where there are good landing conditions for their ship which is 14 miles in diameter.

I'll be meeting them and dealing with the Home Office so that their entry to the UK is authorised. They respect our laws. That could take some time. You know what red tape is like. They will then open their gates and allow visitors on board. They will remain 36 hours.

They will not be meeting with world leaders unless they come to the landing site. They believe that politicians have had centuries to improve humanity and have not succeeded. They are aware that the common man is powerless to change anything no matter how good the idea. This is why they are starting at the grass roots level. They will also not entertain scientists. Science denies the Creator. For the Khu their technology was driven by their 'religion' and the two complement each other.

They were created at the same time as us and don't understand why we have not developed when we had the same opportunities as them.

It will be an interesting couple of days and I'd really recommend you come.

I don't know if it will be on TV. Lincolnshire is pretty remote and the ship will be on top of the A1, the main artery, so roads will probably be blocked by the police. Best thing to do is come on the 27th late PM.

Wish me luck!

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I'm not sure about the shape of the earth but I do agree that the Heliocentric model does not seem to work. I've occasionally followed the movements of the planets as viewed on SOHO (actual realtime footage) for over a year and they do not appear to correspond to the distance they are supposed to be in accordance with the Heliocentric model.

And that's not all, all planetarium software uses the geocentric model. It is impossible to calculate the position of a planet in the night sky by using the heliocentric model.

There is definitely something funny going on.

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Looks Like We're Going To 'Fly Away' Very Soon

I have two granddaughters and a grandson (7,4 & 6 months). They came over today and the four year old girl was very quiet. I hugged her close and asked her why she was so quiet? I told her 'you can talk to me!'. She stood up and started waving her arms in the air like she was flying. I said, 'What are you doing?' She said 'we're going to fly away'. I said 'where?' She pointed to the sky and said 'in the sky!'. I asked her 'when' but she really can't understand time just yet. I asked her if it was soon and she grinned really big and said 'yes'!

She has never done this before so I just had to tell you all about it!

This doesn't mean the 'rapture' necessarily. If we are taken from this planet, our bodies would have to transform into the type of body that could adapt to another place, so I'm thinking more on that line really....

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R.I.P. Canada

Nice knowing you.
But with the globalist NWO Trudeau sock puppet in power, Canada is dead.
How does a dimwitted fucknut with NO plan, NO experience and running on a platform of INCREASING the flood gates of muslim invaders, Increasing spending to bankruptcy levels, increasing taxes and just an all-around douche-bag win a majority government??

I'll tell you how - George Soros has his hand so far up Trudeau's ass that you can see Soros' fingers when he talks. The election was stolen and Canada died last night.

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[I live here and have been affiliated with the college for 3 years. I knew 4 dead personally. I know Chris personally. I worked with him in the Camus fitness center as a monitor of the facilities. I have visited him a few times in the hospital. I am a believer in the others being false flags, but this one is DEFINELTY LEGIT. I was on campus this dreadful day. I am still wrapping my head around this. Get ahold of me if you want more proof. I am only one soul who is saddened by the disbelief in our grievences.]

get pictures of that guy who was allegedly shot 5 times or whatever it was. show the actual wounds, no dressings, quality camera with good lighting.

quality HD pictures is something lacking from every single one of these events on which the presstitutes and obama grandstand to infringe upon our right to bear arms.

it wouldn't surprise me if they used an mkultra patsy to actually do something, and then come out and say SEE IT WAS TOTES LEGIT U GUISE! SO ALL THE OTHERS WERE TOO! GIMME UR GUNZ@@

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"White Privledge", The Agenda to Kill ALL Jews and Christians

The most recent agenda that gives away the agenda to kill all Jews and Christians is known as "White Privledge".

This agenda is so obvious that it makes me want to to laugh, but the seriousness of it makes me want to cry.

If you are a Caucasion, then you ARE the one(s) who "they" want to get rid of. This "title" of Caucasion comes from the fact that when God dispersed the Ten Tribes of Israel into the world, these tribes went north over the Caucasis Mountains.

Another word for Caucasion is "white", as in "White people". And the agenda to kill all whites (except for those whites who are evil and have the TRUE white privledge) has been around for a long, long time. Why do you think there is a "religious" people who create war in other countries, who behead and kill the Christians in those areas?? Again, this has been going on for a long time.

The Elite can't just come out and say that they want to kill all Christians and Jews, that would be too obvious. So they create the phrase "white privledge" in order to get everyone to hate all whites and, to hopefully, create a war between the other races and the white race.

God created all races, and He found them to be good. Whites are no better than the other races, but it is the Christian (all races of Christians) and the True Jews who God gave this world to. He gave them all of the resources of this world so that THEY could prosper. But The Evil One crept in and put his children upon this earth in order to steal these resources from the children of God.

In order to steal (on a massive scale) that which is given to someone else, you must kill the rightful owner(s), or cause them to become "non-prosperous" to the point where the rightful owner cannot afford to keep what he/she has (this is one reason why taxes were created). And that's exactly what's happening today.

So the next time you here about "white privledge", remember that this phrase is "calling" for nothing less than the murder of all Christians and True Jews.

(God also caused the non-Christian nations to propser. He loves them too, for the most part.)

I could go on and PROVE who's behind this agenda, but I think (I hope) that you already know by now.

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Forced Suburb Integration is the next Obama Push

This could be the real reason the feds want to snoop on people so badly. They want to annex the suburbs into the cities so the cities can rape the tax base to rebuild the cities. They hope to get white people to move back into the cities while forcing the ghetto dwellers into the burbs.


The leftist organization behind the push is : Building One America

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A long, long time ago, somewhere on a planet in a galaxy many thousands of light years away, there were beings like us, who over time evolved. Than, one fine day, they became so advanced that they figured out how to turn themselves into pure energy, and ascend to a higher plain of existence.

Upon that, they discovered how to stay in this form & become even more powerful. This was done by tapping of the energy of ‘regular’ beings who worshiped them as Gods.

Armed with this knowledge they decided to create ‘self-replicating regulars’, whom they taught a religion that forced them to prostrate in Their Name.

The more the ascended were worshiped, the more powerful they became. So powerful in fact, that they started to believe themselves that they were indeed Gods.

To keep the ‘regulars’ believing in this religion, their society was build up in the shape of a pyramid. The higher up a ‘regular’ stood in the pyramid, the closer (s)he came to ascension.

For that was what the religion also taught. That the Gods were benevolent & in time would help the ‘regulars’ to ascend as well.

In this way, the Ascended accomplished their goal, to create an inexhaustible well of energy. The further they spread this religion over the inhabitable planets of their galaxy, the more they believed they actually were Gods.

And they lived happily ever after and still do, to this day, spread all over the planets of numerous galaxies.

One of these planets is called Gaia, or Earth, as most of us know it.

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[Re. the Roseburg massacre]

Maybe it is a WOS false flag style event by false Christian to play the role of victim?

Possibly they did the same in Pretoria, Rome and burnt library records to hide sex ritual majik, and cannibalism, and human suffering as a means of raising dark energies?

If so, may be WOS-ing is similar to false Christians of Pretoria, Rome (Tares) burning records to hide and pointing finger at both non-Christians and Christian in order to hide violent wickedness?

May be the Oregon one had suffered prolong systemic sexual and other abuses by multiple Church goers raising dark energies?

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Water is the great record keeper, the cause of gravity, and the reason we get old and die.

This is what came to me when I woke up today. Was going through my mind over and over until I consciously recognized what was being 'said'.

My other thread about water:

So it is a topic I do have personal interest in.

But I thought these statements were interesting.

"Water is the Great Record Keeper"... water remembers everything, throughout the universe.

"Water is the cause of gravity"... I was thinking about reasons why this one could be wrong. I realized since science admittedly doesn't know what causes gravity, then how could I say it's wrong?

"Water is the reason we get old and die"... I took it to mean this is because water (being the 'great record keeper') remembers us, knows our position in the universe, and thus knows how long we are to exist/live.

Water is a system... water... maybe the lifeblood of the universe.

It was also implied that life itself comes from water, throughout the universe.

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Re: 'Germ clouds' containing millions of bugs surround EVERY human - and they show where you have been

And what else microbes do is communicate with eachother via a process called auto induction. Basically, microbes secrete pheromones and can contact eachother from thousands of miles away. When someone has chemistry / friendship with someone else, it's really their microbes that are attracted to another's microbes.

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Re: Vaccinations - Its the Most IMPORTANT Decision Parents Will Ever Make...

It is a sore subject indeed. We have one set of friends whose two sons are autistic, one really badly and a couple few other families with one and two autistic sons as well, though not so bad. All of those parents are anti vaccine as am I. If you really think about it, the deniers and debunkers are really so full of crap in their defense of what is really a self confessed as guilty industry in the first place. I may be the only idiot out here that actually reads the contraindications letters that accompany every stinking prescription drug or vaccine that we get before deciding on whether or not to risk such effects, but they actually tell you right there in black and white that these things may very well happen and DO happen in some patients. So why the denial? Side effects are part of the process. Do your homework BEFORE you make a decision on what risk you are going to take with these chemicals.