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Roy Holman #quack #conspiracy #magick holmanhealthconnections.com

The globalists want total control, and one aspect will be either a one world currency, or more likely, a global credit system with no cash.
Do not be conditioned into a “new normal”, with ever less freedom, evermore surveillance and control.
If there is a UBI, or Universal Basic Income, be wary of it being restricted to only those who prove they were vaccinated.
There eventually may be calls for a one world government to address and fight global concerns like pandemics, financial collapses and climate change. It may sound attractive to a frightened populace, but this idea has been in the plans of the globalists for some time. Beware. Do not let your fear make these decisions. We are being herded like cattle, which reminds me ….
Have you heard about the two cattle being led to the slaughter house? Suddenly one turns to the other and says, “Hey, I just had an intuitive hit. They are going to slaughter us and make hot dogs out of us.” The other bull says, “There you go, another one of your wild conspiracy theories again.”

I say, nooooooo, or mooooooo; don’t be herded into fake cures, mandatory vaccines and one world governments, and say no to 5G.

Lastly, but most importantly, remember that the light is always bigger than the dark, and there are possibilities and even probabilities for HUGE shifts in the days ahead. Fasten your seat belt and prepare your nest. After the dust settles, we may have a chance for an awakened Earth.