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Infostormer #racist infostormer.com

[From "The Daily Stormer Needs Your Support to Stay Online"]

As many of you reading my site already know, I have been a regular contributor to the Daily Stormer since 2014. Since that time it has become the most censored website in the history of the Internet. Primarily due to the fact that it has been the most effective site at exposing the problems we have with the Jewish race along with the follies that Jew-promoted multiculturalism has brought to White European nations. It’s been banned from numerous services and had its web domain yanked around 20 separate times.

Now due to issues with their ddos protection provider Bitmitigate, the site is unable to remain up on the normal Internet. It is currently only available on Tor via the Tor browser.


The Jewish establishment is hell-bent on shutting down anyone who criticizes them. And this particular situation appears to be backlash to the Daily Stormer and other people exposing how TheRightStuff.Biz has been totally compromised by feds and crazy weirdos.

Here’s a Tor link to the Daily Stormer article that details the entire fiasco.

We live in some dark times for sure. The Jews and their treacherous allies are attempting to lock down the entire Internet and prevent any criticism of them from being published. We must not let that happen.

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Marcus Cicero #fundie infostormer.com

They say that when you sell your soul to the devil (or his earthly minions) for fame and fortune, he eventually comes calling for his payment.

Well, it looks like checkout time came earlier today for Debbie Reynolds, mother of recently-dead Star Wars Kike Carrie Fisher, and I have nothing negative to say about the outcome.

The truth of the matter is that Reynolds long ago made the greed-filled decision to give up her body to lust-crazed Jews in order to obtain preferential treatment in Hollywood through career-boosting promotion.

And for such a defilement of the body and mind without repentance, an eternity of suffering in the afterlife must be the final punishment.

No exceptions.

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Infostormer #racist infostormer.com

Guess what folks, a new Star Wars movie is coming out. Rogue One is the upcoming prequel to the original Star Wars film which explains how the rebels obtained the Death Star plans.

The trailer which was just released shows that like Episode 7, it is nothing but a Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-White hate. Nearly all of the major characters are non-Whites and the main character is an empowered White female.

This film should be boycotted. Episode 7 was bad enough featuring that retarded storm trooper Negro and another empowered White female in the lead roles. The plot was basically identical to the original Star Wars movie only with slight variations. As terrible as that was, this will probably be just as bad if not worse.

It looks as if the Jew run company of Disney is going to pump out as many of these awful multicultural Star Wars films as possible. They realize that they can milk millions of dollars from the stupid goyim by simply attaching the Star Wars label on a film. It matters not how bad the movies are or what subversive messages they promote, people will flock out in droves to see them as part of a sad attempt to relive their childhood.

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Infostormer #racist infostormer.com

Can the news get any more ridiculous than this? The monkey leader of Jewmerica Barack Hussein Obama invited a bunch of rappers to the White House to promote his initiative which allegedly empowers Negro and Latino youth. It does no such thing, but that’s a whole other story.

Among the degenerates was the Negro rapper Rick Ross. He was arrested last year on kidnapping, assault and battery charges after he pistol-whipped a man who was doing repair work on his home. As a condition of his release, he has been forced to wear an ankle monitor.

After Obama finished his speech on empowering the dindus, his ankle monitor beeped loudly for all to hear.

How on earth did we get to this point where this is an actual news story? We literally have the President of Jewmerica promoting violent criminals as role models.

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Infostormer #racist infostormer.com

The monkey faggot Barack Obama is intentionally ordering border agents to release invading savages and are no longer requiring them to appear at deportation hearings. One of the top people at the National Border Patrol Council has stated that the United States might as well abolish our immigration laws entirely.

This has to stop. It is why Donald Trump must be made President. Even if the only thing he does is build a wall and secure the southern border, that would make him the best President we’ve had since the 19th century.

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IRONKRAFT #racist infostormer.com

[On Star Wars Episode VII]

Thankfully, only die-hard low IQ, White idiots, are going to watch this. Most people didn't even get caught up in the originals. It was all over-hyped media prop. As a kid, I watched them on terrestrial TV, and didn't put ONE penny into the Jew money piggy bank. From the early cowboy TV programs, Judea was infesting them with subliminal racially charged images and narrative.


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Vtsaxon #racist infostormer.com

So all you have to today is cut your dick off and you get all the press you would ever want, and they throw in a reality show.

Shit when Is Jewsus coming to kill 80% of the Jews like it says in revelations. I don't know what his is waiting for?

Bow your heads and lets pray!!