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Truth & Oblivion
A short time ago a worldwide cataclysm precipitated the fall of advanced prediluvian civilizations. Mighty continents sank beneath towering waves, were swallowed by the gaping earth or obliterated by ferocious natural forces. By colossal error the scattered remnants of prediluvian civilizations are taken for the nascent ones of the so-called “Historical” period that ostensibly commenced approximately eight thousand years ago, during the early Neolithic epoch. Although the earliest Mesolithic and Megalithic sites of the world prove to be more sophisticated in design and construction than those of later date, most people continue to accept the unsustainable fiction concerning the world of the past. Ancient man was primitive and modern man is civilized. That is what the vast majority of people believe. It is, however, one of the most egregious fallacies conceivable.

A second cataclysmic wave, so to speak, has likewise swept from existence august Druidic colleges that once operated throughout the world. These colleges had been restoring, for the good of all, elements of technology from a devastated bygone age of the gods. These colleges and their creators are equally lost, buried and forgotten. In the place of primordial sanctums of knowledge and culture there arose institutions and teachings that seek not to improve and enlighten, but confuse and mislead. They are established over sites where Servants of Truth once inquired into the workings of mind and soul, world and cosmos. It might be said that history is the story of the conflict between the Servants of Truth and the virtueless ones; between magicians and sorcerers. The obliteration of the gnosis of the primordial caste of Elders was a man made holocaust largely unknown today. It is this calamity that has damaged and oppressed the peoples of the world more than any series of natural disasters, terrible as they might have been. To the Elders of old, a twisted darkened mind was a horror worse to behold than a broken lightless world.