CHURCH OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, ETC. v. United States (1982) #fundie #crackpot #moonbat law.justia.com

The plaintiff's articles of incorporation contain a list of several of the organization's purposes.[3] According to Richard John Baker (Baker), an attorney for and Archon of the DSP,[4] the plaintiff's primary purpose and activity is the preaching of a doctrine called The Gay Imperative. The plaintiff defines The Gay Imperative as "[t]he philosophic fundamental whereby the Gods direct that ever increasing numbers of persons expand their affectional preferences to encompass loving Gay relationships to hasten their full development for the control of overbreeding, and to ensure the survival of the human species and the multitude of terrestrial ecologies." Baker testified that "gay relationships" are positive, self-fulfilling emotional and physical bonds between two members of the same gender. A major goal of the doctrine is the control of "overbreeding" or population growth.

At trial Baker testified[5] that The Gay Imperative includes the belief that there are three equally valid human pair-bonds: male-male, female-female, and male-female. According to Baker, each can be viewed as a leg of a triangle; all are necessary to the species. In contrast, DSP promulgates doctrines affirming the validity of male-male bonds. Adherents to The Gay Imperative believe that only 10 percent of the population has to reproduce in order to be self-fulfilled; another 10 percent of the population needs a female-female bond for self-fulfillment; and another 10 percent of the population needs a male-male bond for self-fulfillment. According to this doctrine, the remaining 70 percent of the population can be persuaded to join religions advocating any of the three pair-bonds.