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Strap on your seat belts! It's going to be wild ride for our next UFO Meeting!!

We will be pulling out all the stops as we explore new information regarding Humanity's rebellion against Illuminati/Reptilian forces that have enslaved our planet for thousands of years. The end is near! But it is NOT our end it is THEIR end! And a painful end it will be as their Economic Systems are collapsing and humanity is coming together through the Internet!

The Reptilians-also known as the "Sheti"

Along with updated information on the defeat of the Illuminati and Negative Reptilian Forces on Planet Earth, Apollo will tell the fantastic story of "The Hidden Extraterrestrial History of Planet Earth, and The Milky Way Galaxy- past, present and our future here on planet earth!! This information is based on the relationship of a Native American elder had with a Pleidian Extraterrestrial who crashed landed on a reservation in New Mexico in the 1940's. His Pleidian name was Bahkti but he became known to the Native people as Star Elder!

Bahkti the Star Elder told them the story of the formation of the The Reptilians and the Syrian Wolf Empires and their continued impact on our planet as well as their language and culture. ( Note: Just as Apes evolve into a more advance life form, us, so did other animals like Reptiles and Wolves!) He told them of the the star battles that raged and are still raging over the future of Earth. He told them the story of the rebellion and the Galactic Federation. He told them the story of why ET's are so interested in our genetics and how what happens here on planet Earth will not only impact the galaxy but possibly the entire known universe!

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The Earth is NOT a Ball: The Biggest Deception. A Presentation by Darren Nesbit.
Sorry for the late notice, but they don't come much bigger than this!...

It's fair to say this talk will be interesting - to say the least... I've only just heard about it, but I hope some of you can make it. Will certainly provide a good topic for our usual meetups! :-)

The Earth is not a ball, spinning through a vast universe. The biggest deception of all.

This presentation will provide a weight of undeniable evidence to show how NASA is lying about everything "Outer Space"; how Scientism is connected to the occult brotherhood; and mathematical observational proof that we are on a fixed lumpy plane.

One of the most controversial topics of the moment laid out simply - and the connections shown for all to see the mechanisms of this mother of all deceptions.

Not to be missed!!!!!!!!!

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The usurpers in the Senate passed the Marxist health care bill as a "Christmas" present to the American people. While few really know what is in the entire 2,000-page-plus bill, we do know enough to know that it is unconstitutional. But it was not only the bill's content that is unconstitutional. It was the way that it was developed, debated and passed that is also unconstitutional. Senators voted on a bill they did not read. Bribes were paid from your tax money to give senators in certain states special treatment for their votes. This entire bill is a Trojan horse to a socialist takeover of the United States as every Democratic leader says it is just the framework for complete government run health care in the future.