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The reality of Q The Great Awakening plan became so clear to me over the past few days – its omission of that word that the world hates – SIN. Take out that word and people do not take responsibility and instead blame others for the problems of the world instead.

Sin simply means to miss the mark of God’s perfection. Almighty God is perfect and Holy in nature, and yet we have an inherited sin nature that separates us from Him.

There are millions of supporters of this Q The Great Awakening plan, or the QAnon movement, so I may risk being killed at exposing this, but it is my duty to warn others of its dark agenda. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is discernment.

The way I see it. Q The Great Awakening plan is a tool of Satan that states that God is at the forefront of its beliefs because Q – Donald Trump – uses bible scriptures, refers to God, and its followers may even be born again believers. However, this movement manifests thought filth just like the mainstream media spouts – it creates blame, hate, and divide in human beings who are blind to see that Christ told us to love one another, not hate one another. Who do the followers blame for the hysteria in the world? Ex politicians, satanists, paedophiles, celebrities, Hollywood etc. Notice that it opposes that important word in the Holy Bible – SIN.

There are dark times ahead during the tribulation period, which will entail of God’s elect, the Jews, and an unbelieving world. There will be 144,000 Jewish witnesses for Christ, 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Revelation 13 speaks of the people of the world required to take a mark in either their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. The Antichrist will break his peace covenant with the people and demand worship from them.

Please be very careful in supporting this Q The Great Awakening plan. The Holy Spirit has given some believers the gift of discernment, and this movement mentions nothing of the saving power of Jesus Christ.