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I love hating men

hating men makes me feel amazing. wonderful, even. i hope they all choke on their own dicks and die. I used to be hesitant to hate men because i thought that my hatred for them might show in my everyday superficial interactions with them and it will make me at risk of male violence but it actually did the opposite. I’m literally much safer now from male violence because my misandry makes me view men as depraved parasites that are to be avoided at all times.

Hating men is simply a rational response to the reality of this world. Also, women are most likely to be raped by a man they know and murdered by their current or ex- male partner. Avoiding men is an easy way to immediately cut down on many safety risks. Men and their handmaidens will keep trying to gaslight us out of this but deep down we know the truth.

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“A man climbs into the women’s wagon in Mexico. They tell him to get off the train. The man responds by saying, ‘I am a woman.’”


A reminder that gender ideology only benefits men while erasing women and taking over their rights and single-sex spaces. This is exactly what happens when the reality of biological sex is denied for the sake of mentally ill men. This will continue to happen thanks to deluded TRAs who are actively trying to change the definition of the word “woman” to include men who believe they are women. This insanity needs to stop.

Hardly surprising. According to the new gender orthodoxy, men are allowed to remain as their own separate sex class, but women now have to include ‘everyone else.’ This is just the newest male tool in the colonisation of women.

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Is this womb envy?🤔


TRAs are always whining about how having a vagina/uterus doesn’t make someone a woman yet they’re obsessed with female genitalia. Sofie has multiple (creepy) posts about wanting female anatomy yet constantly says radfems reduce women to body parts. It’s almost like TRAs saying radfems obsess over genitals is a projection…

Seems like a case of wanting to have a womb just so he can say he’s so much more of a woman than women are.

You’re totally right. Clearly he is jealous of women because he can never be one even if he gets a neovagina so he makes fun of women’s bodies to cope.

men love obsessing over the female reproductive system but once a woman says that the female eproductive is female, that’s obsession to them? LMAO

I always hear this from TIMs. They say women are obsessed with genitals yet it’s them who are paying thousands to have fake vaginas and breasts. Notice how he’s comparing a woman’s right to her body to his ability to rape and oppress women. I can’t believe women have the ability to control life and yet we continue to give birth to ungrateful males despite everything they’ve ever done to us. I actually told the moid his mother should’ve aborted him and that males like him is why all women should selectively abort males and he got even more triggered lol. It was the funniest thing ever!:joy: