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To put feathers on a lizard, for example, would require a favorable macromutation that would add a long strand of properly sequenced base pairs to the DNA. Though theoretically possible such a favorable macromutation has never
been observed. A step by step series of small mutations to gradually put
feathers on a lizard would also be implausible because partially formed feathers would be disadvantageous to the lizard. The needed macromutation with hundreds of properly sequenced base pairs would be as hyper-improbable as the chance formation of the protein we discussed above. We can confidently say that virtually all steps in the alleged macroevolution process would fail the UPM test. Evolution is falsified.

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The reason why they persist with this Anthrax in Chimpanzee doctrine is that there is no other way to make monkeys that allow their reproduction in those forests. Unto them, I say this: you are cloning humans already; go ahead, clone monkeys and leave the poor Africans alone.

Let me brief you on Ebola. It is not an airborne virus from river Ebola. Initially, it came from the river to humans and later began affecting primates. Ebola did not start from primates to humans. After the first discovery in DRC- former Zaire, they found it in Sudan and then in the Philippines just to confirm the idea that it is an airborne disease. Like any pestilence or epidemic, it must be discovered and where it is discovered first will be declared the birthplace. That is how Ebola was declared to have started in Zaire in 1976.[7] Who knows if it did not start from the Philippines? Simply because it was not first discovered in another place does not mean it did not start there.

The greatest threat to Africans is not “bushmeat disease” but hunger, bad governance and AIDS. Those who refuse Africans from eating monkeys and chimpanzees should provide them with food. All that matters to them is how to reserve the primates while they have food to eat. Let them spend the money they are spending on educating people and bribing these doctors (to come out and make these statements) and give for the research of AIDS drugs. Therefore, if I were you, I will eat the bushmeat as much as I can. I like especially the thighs of the monkey and porcupine. I like pangoline, but it has a smell I don’t like. I will learn how to hunt then apply for a license that I will carry home and do some smart hunting.