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What is Operation Blue Beam?

In principle, Operation Blue Beam will use space-based laser-generating satellites to project simultaneous images of an alien invasion across the four corners of the planet – in every language and dialect.

It is a deception on a massive scale.

The “look over there!” hoax is being prepared now, and is thought to be the a follow-up to the Corvid scamdemic, mandatory vaccines and ultimately enact the Great Reset.

1: The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge

The creation of fake earthquakes at precise locations of the planet where supposedly new discoveries will suddenly explain the presence of ancient alien cultures here on Earth.

2: Using 3D holographic laser projections to show aliens exist.

Using gigantic 3D holographic images, lasers and sounds to seduce people into believing that hostile aliens from the depths of space are invading Earth.

3: Telepathic two-way communication

The use of low frequency radio waves to telepathically communicate with people in an attempt to shape their beliefs to match those of the official NWO agenda. (See: Discussing Vaccines)

4: Universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means

The final step of Project Blue Beam is to create chaotic event that will leave people willing or desperate enough to accept the new world order. The invasion
What we now know is that there are beings both on and beyond planet Earth. They mean us no harm.

This will ‘shatter’ the false flag illusion created by the elite.

When and if this plan does materialise, don’t believe a single word of it, no matter how real their projected ET seems to be.

Why not?

If the Corvid scamdemic has taught us anything it’s that the controlling elites are always trying to get us to believe what they want us to believe – but it’s always for their own selfish gain!

It’s as easy as the ABC: Ask Questions – Believe Nobody – Challenge Everything