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#69 - Outrage

[ Panel 1: shows a black thug dressed in red shooting a random black person dressed in blue

Panel 2: Shows a police officer shooting the black thug

Panel 3: shows a group of black lives matter activists holding signs saying "Black lives matter" with a picture of the thug that just got shot by the officer]

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#130 - Appropriation
[Panel 1: Black woman says"you white people wearing dreads are approciting black culture. Cut it out" to a white dude wearing dreads

Panel 2: white dude in dreads replies "yeah , how about you stop appropriating stuff invented by white culture"

Panel 3: Black woman says "hah no problem"

Panel 4; cuts to a scene showing the black woman living in an empty wooden hut with a jar of peanut butter on the table ]

Inspired by this video, where an actual white student was harassed for his own dreadlocks appropriating black culture.

In the paradoxical mind of a leftist, the notion of celebrating diversity can somehow coexist with the prohibition of cultural appropriation. Moreover, not a single one of their proponents would think of relinquishing the benefits of electrical appliances, most of which are innovations from white culture.

Beyond that, the prohibition of cultural appropriation would be devastating to the well-being of many minorities. Most customers who frequent ethnic restaurants, be it Mexican or Chinese, are neither Mexican nor Chinese. How many ethnic business owners would remain if they turned away the money of whites?