Unnamed Zemmour supporters #wingnut #psycho rfi.fr

The videos, revealed on Twitter by the Young Guard – an anti-fascist group – and by Mediapart, show a man wearing a "Ben voyons" cap, a turn of phrase used by Eric Zemmour meaning "let's see" that has become a slogan by his fans, who were filmed practicing with a sniper rifle

"Who are we going to beat up now? The young leftists, the young communists, the young mental black people?", the young man laughs, before firing a large calibre gun.

The man, feigning surprise, looks into the rifle's sight and exclaims – "Ah, Emmanuel Macron" – and fires a second shot
Zemmour responded to the videos in a statement: "You are not part of my supporters, nor my militants, and even less of my friends. I condemn in advance anything you do in my name during my campaign. I don't want your support or your help"

In another video shot at the same location, another young man targets former France Insoumise spokesperson Raquel Garrido

He explains that he is "practising hunting wild Garrido" before firing and then firing a second time, referring to her husband, LFI MP Alexis Corbière

In the same sequence, the man openly imagines himself shooting at "antifas and leftists", as well as people of North African origin. "There are Algerian and Moroccan flags, I saw them there, so we'll rush to shoot," he says

According to the newspaper Libération, which had access to his private Instagram account, until recently he presented himself as "military" and "Catholic"

Dieudonne M'bala M'bala #racist rfi.fr

In a move that follows the controversial comedian’s ban from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms, the video sharing TikTok app has now banned Dieudonné from its site.

"Dieudonne's account has been removed from the platform," a spokesman for TikTok told AFP without revealing the reasoning behind the ban this Wednesday.

His recent Facebook and Instragram ban stems from his use of "dehumanising terms about Jews".

Dieudonne, 54, is a convicted anti-Semite, often speaking out against the “Zionist lobby” that he says rules the world. His long 'rap sheet' includes condoning terrorism and hate speech— he was convicted for the latter in November 2019, fined €9,000 for insulting Jews.

And he was also sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering and tax fraud last year.