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NOW! As promised! A ranting.

When most of my fellow conservatives talk about homosexuality, it’s in the context of “gay marriage.” And when they do, they are always sure to add the disclaimer “I support the right of two consenting adults to do whatever they want.”

Now, far be it from me to ask the government to come in and regulate bedroom activities, but I cannot and will not condone any sexual activity outside that set forth in the Bible period. Does this make me a closed-minded bigot? Perhaps, but I’ve been called worse.

See, unlike the majority of people, I see most things in a black-and-white kind of way. I have a book that quite clearly spells out morality and wether you like it or not, the United States was founded by Christian men (and women). For one to properly interpret the document on which the country is founded, shouldn’t one also examine the documents that the Founders adhered to (or at least tried)?

Do you really think that any of our founders would have supported something that so clearly goes against the Bible and their God?

And I’m not just talking gay marriage. Let me be very clear here: I believe that homosexuality is wrong. That’s right I said it!

This has nothing to do with liberties or freedoms. Like any other sin, homosexuality is simply immoral.

And another thing. Why is it that members of the “gay community” (can I be part of the “normal community?”) seem to live their lives around their “sexual preference?” Where I’m from, people who spend so much of their time thinking about sex are labeled one of two things. “Perverts” or “Teenagers.” Sometimes both.

As Stephen Crowder says, “appreciate my indifference to your sexuality.” In my words, “if you don’t want me condemning your life style, get it out of my face.” I’m not going to stop you from doing what you’re doing (when I say ‘you,’ you know what I mean) but don’t expect me to be silent either.

So, you can see where I’m going with this blog. Like what I’m saying? Tell me. Don’t like it? No big surprise there, but I suppose you can flame me if you really think I care.