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CHOQUEI: ABSURD: According to the journalist from Pernambuco, the qataris even threw the flag of Pernambuco on the ground and stepped on it. This is all because there is a rainbow stamped on it.

pedro.: alright, you wanna be woke? be woke somewhere else

ana: Yes, the flag of PERNAMBUCO is woke 😂 these people are getting dumber every day, it's not possible

pedro.: Let's pretend they didn't take the Pernambuco flag just to make a fuss right...

ana: They took the flag of Pernambuco because they are from Pernambuco and they had money to go there, that's all. I myself whenever I travel I take my flag, only those who see a problem or wokeness in this are because they are very stupid, just like you

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(note: I'm using the moonbat tag here since there's no vegan tag yet)

Anonymous: About your gaia online bio, what do you mean with the 'anti-predator' bit? are you against animals who eat meat?

bunninsula: Yes. I believe in changing or eliminating predators when possible. It’s like when people will try to stop lions from eating members of society. I have found no trait to justify letting other animals be eaten but not humans.

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Anonymous: Why are half the background characters black?
I don't recall this being the case in the first movie. (image attached is a poster of the movie incredibles 2)

Anonymous: Half the US is black.

Anonymous: They are literally a smaller portion of the population than Hispanics yet get 10 times the representation.

Anonymous: Cause spics contribute barely anything in the history of this country and you know that, stop pretending you want their representation as well white boi.

Anonymous: What the hell have blacks contributed to the US apart from violent crime statistics?

Anonymous: Music

Anonymous: >Jazz
Invented by white man Willie Ruff, perfected by white woman Carole King

Invented by Elvis Presley, a white man

Invented by Michael Jackson, a white man

Black people don't have souls

>Hip Hop
Invented by Eminem, a white guy

Perfected by Eiffel 65, a white band

Perfected by Vanilla Ice, a very white man
It's whites all the way down

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#agedifference is not a valid excuse for preventing people from having a healthy, stable relationship with each other! Minor-adult relations shouldn't be blocked just because of "childhood innocence" which is really immaturity idealized. Learning comes from experiences!

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Kristan Hawkins: This is great news!!

Children deserve to be protected from abortion violence no matter who their fathers are.

Tech Witch: The cruelty is the point. Isn't it, Kristan? You're disgusting

fanster: Kristan: "Rapists should have more rights than their victims"

Alex Kobylarz: No one said that cut the crap we are for punishing the father. But the unborn baby is innocent and derseves the right to life protected by law I stand by miss Hawkins.

fanster: The victim should not be forced to have a baby.

Alex Kobylarz: What did the innocent baby do nothing . Jail the father but the baby has the right to life regardless of how they were conceived.

fanster: Because the victim has sentience and personhood. And it's wrong to make them go through a pregnancy they didn't consent to. There is potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's not the same as a developed human.

fanster: If there was a fire at an IVF lab and there were 10 embryos on one side of the building and 1 infant at the other, and you only had time to save either, you would save the infant because you know there's a fundamental difference between the two.

Alex Kobylarz: And an emybro is still a stage of life it is the beginning stage of life of an unborn baby so I protect and defend all life born or unborn.

fanster: No, you don't. Banning abortions means more women will die. But you don't care about that.

fanster: If you care so much about the unborn, I assume you also support comprehensive sex-ed and access to contraceptives, which are effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies?

Alex Kobylarz: It’s not about brith control but self control

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(the news article talks about a 40 year old woman sexually abusing a 13 year old boy for nine months in a daily basis to prove he isn't gay)
She got 7.5 years for victimless sex and the misogyny is unrecognized due to supernatural belief in the badness of sex which is the state religion. Facts of seduction get distorted into "abuse" which literally replaces the truth for a brainwashed populace.
How much longer are we going to let this witchcraft pass as facts? How many more lives must be ruined before we can face the truth that consensual underage sex does not lead to trauma, so the justification for locking up these women is gibberish?
Why can't we have evidence-based laws? How can a connection with no scientific evidence that the "victim" group is any worse off than the control group pass as 100% certainly caused by the thing criminalized in our justice system? Isn't that spectacularly bizarre and unjust?
In order for crimes of supposedly traumatic abuse to make sense there should be evidence that victims have more trauma than a random control group. For CSA this evidence is comparable to witchcraft and for male "victims" of women, the evidence says BETTER outcomes than controls.
The boy in the above story claims sex made him traumatized and suicidal, but why can't people see this is no proof? The MECHANISM must also make sense or else it might as well be an accusation of murder by Voodoo. That is exactly how backwards the justice system is on sex crimes!

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(for anyone wondering, exaltgod was an infamous fundie on deviantart, this is from her old tumblr before it got taken down in 2018, in this tumblr she claimed that she was no longer christian and became a neo-nazi that hated all religions)

anonymous: Do you know why homosexuals have higher rates of depression and suicidal thoughts? Probably because of people like you lol. You're a dumbass. They are feeling sadness because they aren't accepted. Once again, I'll say this: you are obsessed with gay people. Who the hell deliberately finds pro lgbt posts just to reply with hate? Lol get yourself some help bro. Maybe take that stick out of your ass.

formerfundie: I honestly don’t mind if my hatred is contributing to higher rates of mental illness and substance abuse among homosexuals. I would consider that my civic duty. But have you ever considered that perhaps the reason fags are so insane is because homosexuality is itself a mental illness, a defect, and it’s not uncommon at all for people with one psychological problem to present with others as well?

You obviously have no concept of fun if you’ve never taken the time to deliberately reply to a stupid post. I mean what are you doing right now? You think I’m an idiot so you’re taking time out of your day to insult me. Which I don’t mind really, it’s fun. But you can’t condemn me without condemning yourself.

Oh, and one more thing bro, I’m a girl.

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(on a deviation titled "I'm Bi Deal With It", also we really should add a biphobia tag already)
deviant art is for art, not badly created dumb looking stamps anouncing to the world that ur a perverted freak. whatever family problems u have, keep it in the family cause people come here to enjoy art. and homophobia is a made up word by depraved sickos who wanted to get their way. ur uncle paul is an animalistic shit playing loser and ur parents have every right to hate him. think of it this way, do u think humans should have sex with animals? do u have dreams of fucking ur own father? well. sweetie. that is natural too.

incest and zoosexuality is common in nature. try watching a little furry porn and then see how ur parents feel when confronted with such an abnormality.or look at the fabulous expressions of love, brother sexing his sister, grandson with his own grandmother and father and daughter who want to raise children
u have no right telling others to deal with them, then i have the right to tell u that u have to support pedophilia, necrophilia, incest, polygamy and zoosexuality. makes u a fucking hypocrite if u dont!!
ur family will deal with things on their own terms, so stop being a disgusting bitch.
fyi, i dont know whether u will go to hell but u certaily seem like an attention whore.
now, a small word from a zoosexual to see just the kind of openmindedness u should imbibe to not seem like a hypocrite.

MakeMoralsGreatAgain #fundie #kinkshaming deviantart.com

Here I shall express what I believe a sexually moral society would do in case it is confronted with sexual deviants, or perverts, if you don’t want political correctness. Feel free to write in the comments other things such a society would have, and if you have any disagreements, tell me. Anyway, In a sexually moral society, anyone caught doing the act of pedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, and rape will be sentenced to death, and anyone expressing a desire to do so will be sent to special mental asylums for years. Anyone harboring somone who has done any of these actions or expressed a desire to do so will be punished as well. People who have fetishes, commit sodomy, engage in BDSM, or other acts deemed immoral and perverted will be sent to mental asylums, where therapists and psychologists will assist them. They will be able to leave the asylum, but only in the land surrounding it, which will be a park and a garden. Other anemities may be added around the asylum to make the patients more comfortable. There will be security camera everywhere to make sure they don’t act on their fetish or commit sodomy. Those caught doing so will lose the privilege to go outside until they have shown self-control over themselves. The goal of the mental asylums is to get rid of the patient’s fetish or desire to commit sodomy or BDSM. Patients will stay at the area for as little as 6 months, or as long as 2 years, depending on how they respond to treatment. Once they are deemed free from their fetish, they will be released and integrated back into society. Those caught doing the act of fornication, adultery, pornography, promiscuity, and masturbating excessively with fines or time in a special section of the mental asylum. Frequent violations result in staying at a mental asylum for up to a year. The media will teach the people from birth to shame and reject anyone caught doing any sexually immoral act, and they will be taught not to do sexually immoral acts as well, or else be reprimanded. It will be just like teaching the youth not to steal, bully, or lie. You know, with posters, advertisements, books, and cartoons. Visitors will be told of the rules, and they will face the same punishments if caught doing any sexually immoral act. This is what a sexually moral society would do, so that sexual purity and morality becomes the new norm. Thank you, and have a good day.

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It is LEGAL!!! Because there are NO VICTIMS apart from the HUMAN BEINGS that CREATE this kind of shit in which that LIARS and NON-HUMANS like YOURSELF bash and call sick criminals that should be killed or locked up forever, for having CREATED such DEPICTIONS of THE OLDEST AND MOST ACCEPTABLE AND PERFECTLY NATURAL PHYSICAL RESPONSE to an 8 year old girl who begs me to lick her pussy till she cums and in turn sucks my cock until I cum in her ravishing mouth while her Mother watches and fingers herself, so long as it is and non-negotiably consensual! And in regard to TODDLERCON, LOLICON and indeed every single form of the perversion itself, THEY!!!! ARE!!!! CARTOONS!!!! If this stuff were ever actually made illegal (which is literally never going to happen) I would find YOU! SPECIFICALLY! and KILL YOU! THEN FUCK YOUR 8 year old DAUGHTER until she turned 21 years old, then marry her and love her unconditionally as all CHILDREN should be and by THE
MOTHERFUCKING WORD OF GOD are required to be! SO FUCK YOU AND ALL OF YOUR KIND! YOU FUCKING IGNORANT PUNK ASS BITCH HYPOCRITE PIECE OF INTOLERANT DEMON SHIT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know absolutely nothing about everything.

SiliconGlass #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

Homosexuality is not about opinions or differences, it's about what's right or wrong. Homosexuals aren't a race of people, they are just people who can't control themselves nor their urges. Homosexuals aren't the difference between black and white, they consist of every race on this planet. You volunteer to stick your genitals where they don't belong, not because you have to, just because you want to.

This entire war has never been about opinion or tolerance, it's always been about the Homosexuals getting away with their lustful practices and hiding the truth behind their gay flag. If they can conform the world, they own the world. Once those who support the Gay agenda gain control of the world, they'll drop the Homosexual agenda like dead waste. This is a plan that has been hiding in the shadows for a long time, and now it's being taken to action underneath our very noses.

Homosexuality is the biggest lie and fiasco since the war between the red coats and our freedom struck many hundreds of years ago, when the King over the sea demanded tax we couldn't afford. The Militant Homosexuals lie, cheat, hurt, bully, attack, bludgeon, lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust at everything. They are out of control, it needs to stop.

While we must care about the person within each human being, as some of those who are in these things such as Homosexuality want out, there is nothing in the Bible nor in our nature as Human beings that prevents us from standing up for what is right.

It's not bigoted, to hate what is wrong.


On a different topic, don't you think it's weird most people on DA would rather be called a Demon than ever be called an Angel? If they wanted to have the word "Angel" referred to them they would add "Fallen" before the word "Angel", "Fallen Angel", and take long strides to make that point. People are so rebellious, it sickens me.

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It's less deviant than homosexuality and nobody can prove otherwise. Compare a zoophile who maintains a normal family life with his or her animal lover in plain sight to a fag who has to go out of town for secret buttsex adventures until he gives his wife aids, or some mutilated tranny monster. The same propaganda machine that forced normies to tolerate faggots could easily do the same for animal fuckers if the lever pullers wanted to, but it seems that the sexual revolution has passed over the beast question and is going straight to pedophilia. This is probably because the entire purpose of the faggot/tranny/pedo agenda is to promote antisocial behaviors, and sex with animals doesn't provide the same ROI.

Consent theory is unsound, idiotic feminist gibberish when it concerns humans, let alone animals, and the only reason it gets misapplied to animals is because it's the only moral framework that liberal morons can grasp to justify their emotional rejection and disgust (keep in mind that these reddit ethicists could easily be forced to unconditionally accept zoo just as they accepted homos and trannies if the order came down from their masters). These retards treat "consent" like some intractable metaphysical problem as if we aren't discussing creatures that mindlessly rape and brutalize whatever they feel like, or claim that domestic animals possess the theory of mind to trick humans into unwittingly abusing them (but are somehow still too stupid to communicate "no").

It's really nobody's business what a man or woman does with his dog, horse, sheep, etc. so long as the creature isn't being subjected to serious pain or injury. It certainly shouldn't be more damaging to a man's reputation than being outed as an HIV+ gay anal degenerate meth addict, but this is the world we live in.

DroUltrinnin-61 #fundie deviantart.com

I made a comment on this deviation, I said "Satan has many guises.". Since then I have been trolled by this deviant and their friends, for at leas one week to 10 days. I am not going to repeat what was said because it is of great content, but this deviant said they did not follow Satan. Yet in their gallery is proof they do, it is another deviation of mine here titled "SAY WHAT?"

If you want to read all the comments, then simply search "The Horned God" Here under newest and it is about 6 pages in. I am not doing a link, if someone wants to see the replies they will make the effort. A friend of this one has made a call out journal on me, ASKED me to reply, THEN HID ALL MY REPLIES. Their hypocracy is evident.

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Ok so we have the first man on earth Adam and first woman on earth eve
so hey they were the first humans on earth and who started the human race (we did not come FROM FUCKING MONKEYS most stupid scientific bullshit theory there is GIRL AND BOY
and so they made babies and so it kept on and on and generations and on and on and ON AND OOOOOOOOOOOOOON FOR LIKE FOREVER LOL till we get to this era
Idk who originated the liking same gender thing but who ever it was the first homo or lesbo person that person either was weird or really was neglected by the opposite sex
ok cool so u like ur own gender...but u can't breed.
now why is that? why do you have to adopt? (love is what matters) yes but you cant have babies... ok? logic?
why can't you have babies with ur own gender?
because shamefully same gender was not meant to have babies unless it was your opposite whom you would fuck with.
and is logically WRONG.
is not ok to be with your own gender is just...... plain.
IF IT WAS OK FROM THE BEGINNING if there was man with man in the goddamn very beginning then fine...but it was not like that.
somehow humans thought and created the idea is ok...
and when someone points it out that is wrong they either call you a hater or homophobic I DON'T wanna ruin anyone's beliefs but letting u know LOGICALLY same gender not being able to breed is one of the biggest facts you will get out of a same gender relationship.
IT WAS NOT MEAN'T TO BE like that.
the joy of a man inside of a woman is much better then a man inside of a man (don't make me describe how would that work)
is a well poor reality but no one cares and no one will change.
But it will always be wrong.
same gender people are trying so hard to push it to society so they may be accepted and is a sad case.
why do they have to force it? why? because is basically wrong and the majority of the people around the world
know this.
I don't hate anyone that is gay. but the action of being homo is wrong.
it will always be wrong
that also goes to yaoi/yuri it equals real life.
and those who are bisexual have issues. either they were not taught from home what gender to like or something is going for them to lead into having such preference
and those who are pansexual (most ridiculous thing ever) means ur a narcissistic lil piece of shit
you love your to much thinking ur all the all and if you marry yourself you have mental fucking issues.
gosh this world is so fucked up.

Tatsuya Ishida #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy twitter.com

(first image is of a kid at a "woke" church praying with the text reading "our ejaculating parent who art in safe space valid be thy name forgive us our privilege and deliver us from hate, aperson", second image is the kid saying "forgive me parent for I have been problematic I misgendered a non-binary squirrel kin, I didnt know they were koalagender on tuesdays! I have to do better!" a man in glasses says to the kid "yes. yes you do, my child")

Prostasia Foundation #moonbat twitter.com

Yet another state passes an unscientific ban on sex dolls that police say look 17 or younger. Although popular, laws criminalizing private sexual behavior are unconstitutional, and doll bans are opposed by experts who are researching the use of these devices in CSA prevention.
Don't be fooled that these laws "only" target childlike dolls. Just as FOSTA was promoted as targeting child sex trafficking (while really targeting 18+ sex work), owners of adult dolls have been prosecuted under these laws because their doll was lightweight or had small breasts.
Research provides no evidence to support the argument that dolls lead to rape, or that doll owners are likely to be abusers. Doll bans are purely a way for sexual conservatives to virtue-signal and oppress those who are different. Will your fetish be next?

Nic #homophobia #fundie #wingnut rightwingrantings.wordpress.com

NOW! As promised! A ranting.

When most of my fellow conservatives talk about homosexuality, it’s in the context of “gay marriage.” And when they do, they are always sure to add the disclaimer “I support the right of two consenting adults to do whatever they want.”

Now, far be it from me to ask the government to come in and regulate bedroom activities, but I cannot and will not condone any sexual activity outside that set forth in the Bible period. Does this make me a closed-minded bigot? Perhaps, but I’ve been called worse.

See, unlike the majority of people, I see most things in a black-and-white kind of way. I have a book that quite clearly spells out morality and wether you like it or not, the United States was founded by Christian men (and women). For one to properly interpret the document on which the country is founded, shouldn’t one also examine the documents that the Founders adhered to (or at least tried)?

Do you really think that any of our founders would have supported something that so clearly goes against the Bible and their God?

And I’m not just talking gay marriage. Let me be very clear here: I believe that homosexuality is wrong. That’s right I said it!

This has nothing to do with liberties or freedoms. Like any other sin, homosexuality is simply immoral.

And another thing. Why is it that members of the “gay community” (can I be part of the “normal community?”) seem to live their lives around their “sexual preference?” Where I’m from, people who spend so much of their time thinking about sex are labeled one of two things. “Perverts” or “Teenagers.” Sometimes both.

As Stephen Crowder says, “appreciate my indifference to your sexuality.” In my words, “if you don’t want me condemning your life style, get it out of my face.” I’m not going to stop you from doing what you’re doing (when I say ‘you,’ you know what I mean) but don’t expect me to be silent either.

So, you can see where I’m going with this blog. Like what I’m saying? Tell me. Don’t like it? No big surprise there, but I suppose you can flame me if you really think I care.

Anonymous #racist the-unpopular-opinions.tumblr.com

Black people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt white babies. It’s not fair to the child.

If a white family adopts a black child they are giving them a better life and more chance for success. But if a black family adopts a white child they are just dragging them down into crime, poverty, and abuse.

If black people wanna adopt they should just stick with black kids.

leSherbertfish #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

"Honestly, what is your opinion on homosexuality?"
It's wrong. Just because it makes people happy, it doesn't mean it's right. Rapists enjoy rape and pedophiles like touching kids. Both of those are wrong aren't they? So why is it 'right' for people to be in a relationship with their own gender? God made men and women for a reason! He doesn't want them running around commiting sodomy, it's wrong. And besides homosexuality is all lust. There's no love there.
Yes, I'm homophobic. I don't think it's right for someone to be a fag. And as for marriage or adoption? NO! Those poor, poor children. Everyone knows gay men are pedophiles (look at the statistics) and marriage is supposed to be between men and women.
Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. End of story.

"Honestly, what is your opinion on gay marriage and gay couples adopting?"
Gay marriage is 100% wrong.
I feel sorry for kids who are adopted by queers because what if the child gets raped or molested? What if they teach them to be gay? A lot of gays are pedophiles so it's scary to allow children to be submitted to that. I don't think lesbians should adopt either, just because I don't agree with homosexuals. Go to a straight camp and get your head sorted out! Jeez... these people are just condemming themselves to Hell :l

i-take-it-back #elitist #sexist deviantart.com

(the stamp says “dear doctors our women are not your toys stop playing with their lives”.)

This is about selfish doctors who like to perform surgery on our women who can normally deliver their baby.

Surgery = more money.
This subject has been talked here and i believe many doctors are like that all they want is more money, second reason why they will do this thing is that to tell them as an excuse to not to have more than 3 children it will harm them.

I think these surgeries are overused, it's horrible, it makes us look our females like they are freaks and something's wrong with them.
It's horrible what women have to go through due to some greedy idiots.

In future i would love to have children, but sometimes it scares me if my future wife will have to go through this pain and someone will have to cut her tummy. For this reason seeing this cesarean shit it makes me feel like i dont even want to have kids because i dont want to hurt my future gf/wife and see her face this pain.

DasNarwhalBacons #crackpot deviantart.com

"What if a 12 year old or teen gets pregnant and can't handle raising the child? She shouldn't have to live with a life long mistake"
Um, guess what, THAT'S LIFE. SHE chose to participate in an adult act. If she can comprehend sex, and is able to mentally be able to have sex guess what? SHE CAN THEN TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY LIKE AN ADULT AND RAISE A CHILD. That's called being responsible. It's called taking account for your actions. You want to have sex, take precaution. If you can find ways to have sex, you can find ways to get a hold of birth control. When I have sex, I will take EVERY precaution to not get pregnant, because I know the consequences I'll have to live with.

Aerodeth #psycho #homophobia deviantart.com

(bit of context: a user named jamesruglia made images comparing gay marriage to raping dogs and children, someone commented on his profile calling him out and this guy came in and started defending rape to own the gays)
'An adult with a child, a human with an animal, a man with a drunken woman, these are non-consenting.'

No. A child can give consent. Many children can go through puberty very early in their life and understand the concept of sex. It's just illegal because the child is underaged.

Animals dont give other animals consent in many cases. Rape exists in far more species than merely humans.

So what if the woman is drunk? We can argue that drinking releases inhibitions. Hell, if people that are drunk and use racial slurs prove themselves to be racist, why dont women who are drunk and freely spread their legs prove themselves to be sluts?

TheOfficialTOY #ufo #conspiracy deviantart.com

The Pandemic FAILED.

They (the cabal/deep state) are going to try one more time to get a global crisis going.

Why is there a sudden disclosure of UFOs coming in all of the sudden?

Is Project Blue Beam coming back online?

Will the cabal try to launch a false flag "alien invasion" in an attempt to enslave humanity?

I'm not kidding about any of this. They do have the means to fake an alien invasion. They have the anti-gravity technology, they have hybridization programs that splice human and animal DNA together to create "alien" abominations, and they have advanced hologram technology to make the rest happen.

I'm sure aliens of some kind exist (both benevolent and malevonent), but I'm telling you... if one happens right after the Pentagon releases their UFO report next month... it's more than likely a cabal false flag operation designed to lead us all into a hopeless, dystopian future.

I have to put this out in the public consciousness in hopes of something like this not fooling the people. They've used predictive programming in entertainment to condition us to something like this. 99% of the UFOs we see today are man-made (yes, 1% is actually alien, but the majority we're seeing isn't). Be smart, use discernment, and think with your heart.

Godspeed you magnificent peeps.

Mark--Wilder #homophobia deviantart.com

"I do think people who are pedophilic should get help of some form, but I don't think they should get SAFE SPACES, or be accepted in any way or form. Or especially be exposed to children, even during or after therapy. It's not safe for a minor to be exposed to a 'MAP'"

That is literally the exact kind of language that was - and still is - used to stigmatize LGBT persons, word for word: replace "MAP" with "Trans" or "Gay" and you can see the similarity. That's because there's really no difference in the long run: all of these things argue the same idea, that sexual dimorphism in humans isn't important and that people can screw whatever they want because "it's just love".

Newsflash: It's not love. It's sex. Go ahead and ask any divorced couple if sex is love.

When will humanity realize that sometimes the slippery slope isn't a fallacy? Evil always creates more and worse evil if you let it stay, just like a tiny crack in a dam eventually breaks the whole dam and makes a flood. By accepting LGBT lifestyles in the first place we've effectively accepted pedophilia in the future.

SRomeroS #fundie deviantart.com

(comment on a forum post titled "My Friend is Christian and Doesnt like that im Bisexual")
Well, to start this off, your username is cutie"devil", one of your favorite TV shows happens to be a genre of dark fantasy, Soul Eater, that revolves around a school run by the death, where students should reap the souls of evil humans and a witch, that's believed to gain the weapons the students carry its spectacular power. The whole idea of the anime is Satanic centered and witchcraft embraced.

Based on what I wrote above, I have to agree with A and M on that.

I would recommend general or deep mental health checking(if needed), you have developed this sexual degradation in 2017, I hope it's not too late by this year, don't give a chance for this sickness to grow.
You should be thankful for such friends. You do not need to be religious to agree that this isn't healthy.

Mistress-Blood #wingnut deviantart.com

(stamp with Dr. Seuss's "a person's a person no matter how small" quote next to a fetus)
Oooooo! I can feel even MORE hate then the George Bush stamp!

"And though you can't see or hear them at all, a person's a person... no matter how small." ~ Dr. Seuss

I can't wait for the hate comments on this one! XD
EDIT: And before any of you go pointing out the obvious without reading the comments.... YES! I know Teddy Geisel (Dr. Seuss) sued pro-lifers for using this as one of their slogans. What a whiny little bitch, seriously...

BlondBeastBoy #racist #psycho deviantart.com

What, you thought this was over? Like hell it is, the debate is still hot.

My guess is George noticed Trayvon walking in the stereotypical wannabe-gangsta fashion and thought he was up to no good, so he called the cops. Zimmerman probably got closer to Trayvon and glanced at him in a suspicious manner. Trayvon probably got mad at him for looking at him that way and probably whined about it because he's "black and you're a racist ass honky". Then the beatdown started with Trayvon (who was younger, stronger and quicker than Zimmerman and could've curb-stomped his head and cause his death) beating up his soon-to-be killer. Zimmerman, not taking that shit, shoots him and is a hero to himself for saving his ass from what could've been a crippling assault. The cops come, Zimmerman tells his side of the story, but when the media gets word of it they manipulate it into making the fresh gangsta Trayvon look innocent whereas the blue-collar Zimmerman is shown to us with photos of him looking a bit... crazed. And then the racial shitstorm happens.

This was uploaded on my old account a month after the act happened.

Jumbled Metaphors Award

psiandco #fundie #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

The world is not my friend, I am not a friend of the world.
There is a creator... He acts like a stern GM "I made this stuff, you can't change it." i.e. ABSOLUTES of REALITY prove the existence of GOD. God saying, "I made this stuff, you can't change it" is just one more reason that proves "Reality is OBJECTIVE". adjectives, adverbs, and two-word jargon don't mean jack shit. if you feel other wise, please... Pretend you can fly and walk off a skyscraper.
The stat-block? check some of the LGBT NPCs they crank out, hell, look at the descriptions and stat blocks for the gods. Hell, in a number of cases; pedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, and worse are dabbled in or hinted at. these things are DIGUSTING and WRONG.
I like my toast with Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread; you will never force me to accept a jar of "NEW! Whipped Shit"(*Its so Creamy). aka, play pretend genders in real life is bullshit. I tolerate LGBT, I AM NOT AN ALLY; that is my "Do not judge". OBJECTIVE REALITY="Nutella", Not Nutella=shit...
The Christian god has stated a few times that LGBT souls are wrong and are going to hell.
This item is not subject to debate. Reprobate souls chose what they would be BEFORE the beginning of the world, and god condemned them. period. I don't judge them. Why do you expect me to be subject to their beliefs and whims? because I will NEVER be subject to their whims or beliefs; because that is an effort to force me to deny MY GOD.
You want me to use an imaginary pronoun when talking to you? well, How about "no,"
end of line.

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Setting my flu apart, i wanted to ask you.....do we really have a black Pope? Oh, hallelujah, we're now officially doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not for the black Pope shit, but for the mega uber ego boost that the negroid race is gonna gain. As if it wasn't soo apparent when they saw O.J. Simpson be declared 'not guilty' from murdering the two white trashes like Nicole and Ronald and the gaining a darn black President. They just want to be the next white race and rule everything that we had worked so hard for ourselves......... they'll be doing to all of us just like we did to the Original Natives.

We shouldn't let this happen just because 'negrito wants what white mastah has'. People, stop condoling these creatures and let them stand for themselves! Notice that no land entirely occupied by blacks has ever evolved to progress, eg; Africa, Haiti. Any black and wobbling country has used the white's teachings to T_R_Y to become somebodies; at our expense. If they had ever invented something, it was AFTER they've left Africa, otherwise, this vast continent would've bloomed into modern progress. You can't call me a racist for not liking blacks since Americans hates Mexicans, Indians, Latinos, Europeans (to whom you've called euro-trash), Chinese, Japanese, France, Pakistan, Iran, Irak, Eskimos, Arabians and Blacks (along with any-other loser that i haven't mentioned).

Folks, it's ok.... nobody shouldn't like the people that we find unpleasant to be around with, not even me. We love the people that are similar to us....except for the black race that looks other races' women because that can't stand their own kind.

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We have done it… We have broken down each bit of major Western propaganda on the Uyghur and Xinjiang situation in order to debunk the lies and reveal the truth. For over an hour, Bay takes on a series of propaganda ranging from Adrian Zenz to inconsistent witness testimony to debunking sterilization claims and all major propaganda promoted surrounding this incredibly manufactured issue.

Related: The Uyghur Genocide? Uyghur Detention Camps?

immersion456: US politicians need more boogeymen to prevent another insurrection in their own country!
Compare what the Chinese are alleged to be doing to what various incarnations of "The Coalition of the Willing" have done to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen! Who is it who should really be condemned and sanctioned?
Most of Washington's "Think Tanks" are really just psychopathic criminal organizations, better described as "Stink Tanks".

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Congrats to all the liberal pussies out there who cheated their way to victory. You can’t win anything without cheating. You’re weak, you’re disgusting. You’re the soft under belly of America. The sheep on my side of the isle are ultimately the ones responsible for your faux victory. They bought the COVID crisis hook, line and sinker. You can now rejoice as we watch America take four steps backwards and reconvene the pussification of America that began under Obama. Our kids will be softer, weaker, we’ll apologize to the world for asserting ourselves over the last 4 years, and we’ll bow down to all of our adversaries in defeat. Our country has been overrun by cheaters, by pussies, by cry babies. My kids will not be brought up to subscribe to this agenda. It’s very “woke” of all of you who post things like: I’m less concerned about who you voted for, than how you treat people who voted for someone you didn’t. Here’s the problem with that. That would have worked for the past 40 years, but not now. Now, the people who voted for someone other than you want to defund our police. They don’t support those of us in the military. They support people who cause mayhem in our cities, violently attack those who don’t agree with them, attack, assault, and kill our police officers. Burn businesses to the ground, burn churches that feed, cloth, and house homeless people. The people that opted for someone other than you is no longer just someone who disagrees with you on abortion, gay marriage, foreign affairs. They are people for whatever reason want to ruin our way of living, our way of life. They want us to pay restitution for slavery!? How? How can you simply forgive that? You can’t. Congrats you cheating, lying, disrespectful, disgusting, disgraceful pussies. And congrats to all of you RINO sheep that helped facilitate it. Put on those masks and stand tall.

No True Scotsman Award

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Pedophilic Catholic Priests Don't Exist

And you cannot prove they do.

What people call predatory/ pedophilic Catholic Priests are predatory/ pedophilic gay men.

Pedophilia goes against the Catholic Church; whether they're protected or not, you have to act like a Catholic to be one.

Pedophilia is defiance against Christianity.

These predators/ pedophiles are gay men, and the LGBT is responsible for them; all loss of life and trauma is on the hands of the LGBT.

That's hard facts.


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Well hate to break it to you but transgenderism is an ideology, not science :^((
Trans people are the ones going against science. Your chromosomes will always match the ones you are born with. "Gender dysphoria", what you folks call it, is a politically correct term for "gender identity disorder", because it is a mental disorder, it is not science.

You can reply if you want. I have better things to do than debating with another generic online teenage liberal.

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Ever since I learned the truth about what's going on, I've woken up and I feel a strong desire to protect, look for the truth, have courage in my convictions/be myself, and pray for my country. It's a scary, dark and might seem crazy truth but because I've learned it, many things began to make sense. For example, (this be religious) when people wonder why are they suffering and blame God for it, they fail to realize that it isn't God's fault but rather demons. Demons hold great power but not as much power as God which is why they are trying so hard to control us. Or another example, why did some good people die/had people come after their life? (Princess Diana, JFK, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Regan, Trump) It's because they were trying to stop/opposed the evil people who worship the demons and did evil things. There are a lot of things that connect; even I don't know how far it goes. I believe it's very real but I understand why people might think it isn't or that it is crazy. I encourage people to start researching, search for truth, and think critically but also to be mentally prepared for what they might find and see.
I myself still have some questions that I need to find answers to which include:
-If people say the vaccines are bad, why is Trump still promoting them? (To this question I have found some answers, one of which is that when he says vaccines, it is a code word for arrests. But I still need more info for I want to be sure.)
-Why are people saying that Trump is a puppet as well/part of them or some other similar faction? (I haven't found answer for this for things do not make sense. If he was part of them, why were there attempts to end his life? Why would he risk everything to expose them? Many people like Linwood believe, and trust him. It just makes no sense.) Regardless, his speeches are quite inspiring, and his overall idea of making America great again is a great idea that I can get behind.

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***Attention, attention... all you pathetic, modern-day feminists... (AKA, poor excuses of mammals)***

If you still believe marriage has any value WHATSOEVER, I assume you realize that your' body BELONGS to your husband, just as HIS' to YOU!
If you're just too arrogant to accept that:
1. Don't get married,
2. Don't expect respect or support for your choices,
3. And don't get mad at your husband.

-I'm not married, but if i had a wife approach me with this selfish, immature "I can do whatever I want with my body" business, for an issue as extreme as the abortion of our child, I'd just leave her then and there. -Assuming the stress wouldn't have given me a heart attack! (Which is possible for me)

This message has been approved by a level-minded man, who is in favor of equality, but is severely allergic to bull$#!%

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I assumed you weren't, due to your reprehensible acts and atrocious sins. It's fine by me if you want to spend an eternal life in Hell.

The moment you commented, you knew there was to be a dispute between us because of the obvious forms of contradiction between us. With me being a decent human being and you being a form of homosexuality. A disease. No, I would not like to get to know you, since you are a lower lifeform who often disregards other people for their dastardly antics. Selfish. You and your people are selfish beings who only want rights so you can overtake us normal folk.

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Yeah, no. Anyone that looks at Africa and then looks at Europe and says, "yup, these are the products of the exact same people," is simply an idiot. There's no way that anyone with a shred of honesty is going to look at blacks and Whites (or any other people for that matter) and say that they're the same species, let alone the same race. Chimps and bonobos? CLEARLY distinct species. Grey wolves, timber wolves and red wolves? All OBVIOUSLY separate species. Grizzly bears, polar bears and black bears? Only a fool would say that they aren't different. Various types of tigers? Even they get considered to be sub-species. Neanderthals and cro-magnons? Clearly recognized as distinctly different species despite having interbred with one another. Blacks and Whites? HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT THESE ARE DIFFERENT?!?!?!?!111?!? Seriously, anthropologists can tell the difference between blacks and Whites just from their bones. Suggesting that they're the same because of your delusional political ideology is just dumb.

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Reblog if you believe
that Male superiority and
female inferiority is not a
It is natural. It is right. Throughout the entire history of MANkind Men have bravely lead
while their women lovingly followed and obeyed. Let's give into our instincts and live happier and simpler. Everyone wins when
women live to serve and satisfy Men.

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I don't know if I should be happy that Hataraku Maou-sama got good sales or even has a good possibility of getting a Season 2, now that I realized via pixiv and the rest of the webz that the only reason why this show sold is not because it was good(which I personally think it is), but because fujoshi want to see/make more of Maou/Ashiya buttsex. And the worst part is that the producers/PR staff seem to be too happy to pander to them. I mean, really, people? The show is good enough as it is and you don't need to forcibly shoehorn fujoshi-pandering BS elements (and yuri-fan pandering BS...I'm looking at you forcibly shoehorned Emi/Chiho elements in the anime) just to make money.

And shippers, don't talk to me about Maou/Ashiya being "totally OMG canon". If I were to ship those two, I might as well support parental incest. Because that's how their relationship in the show/story is playing out, not the "waifu" crap you keep spouting.

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listen it does matter, the aids virus (before it was changed to that ) was called GRIDS ( Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome) this was a disease found only amongst homosexuals. Only they were found with it. it then spread to other because of cheater brought it to their spouses.

There a reason why the sex organs self-clean and the places meant for excrement's doesn't, its not for sex. its for refuse ( germs are there)

Don't let people lie to you about "love", if this is a real thing that is provable by science, then science will have to explain other attractions people have in nature such as people who are sexually attracted to kids, dead bodies, family members, material possessions and animals.

It's a spiritual disorder then it affects the mind ( I'm a Christian so I see it as spiritual, then mental then it moves to physical ) because you can train the mind to adapt to whatever you want it to, so what's inside is what attracts you and then the mind sends signals to the body to fulfill the "heart's desire"

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If you have to cheat to win, you're still a loser.
We all know that Donald J. Trump won the election; we do, there's no one of sound mind that will deny that, just as we know that the Democrats had to rig more votes than there are voters and destroy the voters of the Republicans and that the Democrat comrades are more loyal to their cult than they are moral, patriotic and honest human beings. Honestly, you see your comrades lying, cheating, murdering, molesting children and you turn a blind eye. This is why people are rioting and buying guns, you're bringing this on yourself.. Offense and outrage are irrelevant when you're dead so.. Start considering what's right because good people are intolerant to your evil.

Take my advice or reject it, it's your life you're mucking around with. *Shrug*.


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The alternate title was: Bring on the Slaves!!

OMG.... just as i've been saying..... the world is entirely for black people; the Human Torch is a N*GGER!!!! Because i know that that 'word' is offensive to this 'darling' people, we'll just refer to them as NAGGERS as both words actually mean the same thing, unless of couse, you think that that world too should be banned from vocabulary, but black folks use it to refer to their own black women this way, so, i command that it stays.

WHY, Stan... why!!!! Johnny used to be a pain in the ass now he's really a total asshole! Unless dear Stan is just trolling the kid in black race suit in order to make MORE money at the expense of a poor 'brother', then i'll forgive him. OMG, first our beloved Annie in ginger hair and FAIR pale skin went into -negative- colors, now this shit happens..... But as long as the MASTER (Stan Lee) is white, then i'll allow it. Poor Johnny.... a beautiful blond jerk over a Nagger...... I think that Thor's drink on the Avengers: Age of Ultron made horrendous effect on dear Stan's mind to let a black take Johnny's suit.
You see folks? Blackamericans are killing the WHITE race, if nobody stops this atrocity they'll murder this planet as they did to Africa, Haiti, Jamaica and any other land they step on. But it's was all white-men's fault, if we never came across Africa for slaves to work on our vast fields of progress none of this would'tn happened at all. I'm deeply sorry that we lost the edge we have when we gave them freedom.

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(about someone cosplaying a genderbent version of android 17 from dragon ball)
nanatsu: turns merlin into a woman
cospoors: turns android 17 into a woman
this is feminism taking over the world
I prefer good and disabled people taking over the world than these woke crybabies

kitbear #conspiracy deviantart.com

Communism is infinitely worse and that's being taught to kids in schools now. Where is your outrage about that.

Communists Murdered, tortured, raped, mutilated and genocided 180 million people in the last century compared to the massively exaggerated figures committed by the National Socialists. Not that is disgusting!

Historically speaking you'd stand a FAR better chance of surviving under National Socialism than under the tyrannical jackboot of Communism

Don't believe what you have been told, History speaks for itself if you really wanted to know the truth about it, just look it up. You have been deceived.

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This is NOT a "slippery slope" fallacy because we are already at the bottom of the slope. There is NOTHING lower than gays getting married. Allowing polygamy and incest would be a step up.

Also there are more countries that allow Polygamy than gay marriage.

Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and too many others to bother spelling out.

Stop being a hypocrite and accept the polygamists.

I will never admit defeat until my dying day.