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Ever since Hunter decided to become center-left, his views have skewed more and more. He hardly tackled any far-left issues, except when it suited him; He stated that Biden won the first presidential debate while not even commenting on the second debate; Is against Trump's move to ban intersectionality from federally-backed institutions; Outright denies voter fraud by citing biased sources and decries anyone else who even suspects voter fraud as conspiratorial at best, "coping" at worst. And I think that's the most telling, his outright dismissal of any sort of notion that the election could have been rigged.

Now here's the thing: I do not like Joe Biden at all. I see him as a puppet for the deep state and democratic party and their collective interests. However, if people actually voted for him fair and square, I would have accepted it. My faith in humanity would have dropped substantially to the point of near-suicide, but still would have accepted it. Why I won't here is because:

A. The political left, radicals, and "never-Trumpers" were screaming for four years that Trump was illegitimate, and were scheming for at least that long to remove him.

B. Special interest groups, some of them foreign, interfering in our political systems for their own gain.

C. Trump's popularity was on the rise right up to the apparent end with blacks, latinos, and lgbt+, then suddenly lost everything without warning.

D. Encouraged voters to vote in person and on time, as opposed to mail-in voting, and evidence of voter fraud is growing even now.

Fortunately, Trump is challenging this, and of course the MSM, Hunter included, is saying that it's baseless, which of course means that there's something there that they don't want us to see. Let's see where this takes us, shall we?

EmpathicDesign #wingnut deviantart.com

What a catastrophe. We all know that if the Dems win it will be a tainted, forged victory that doesn't reflect the desires of the American people. Nearly 200,000 votes have turned up in support of Biden with not a single Trump vote, and that votes are being denied entry into their local voting offices, and that the results that were steadily showing a Trump victory virtually ceased almost entirely, only for Biden to start jumping ahead, and some districts are recording more votes than there are voters.

Only though forgery and fraud can the Dems win, and they know this, Americans know this even I who lives in Australia knows this.

Win or lose, trump should take this fraud to the supreme courts, and yes he rightfully should complain of fraud. He and his voters are not being treated fairly, and if you cannot win fairly, you do not deserve to win at all.


shizuru-minamino #wingnut #fundie deviantart.com

You guys are so hellbent on unseating Donald Trump and Mike Pence, that you don't see whats really at stake. You aren't just voting against the GOP. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are also against someone else, They're hiding in a basement and refusing to speak to reporters and not wanting any debates. Big Reason, they're agaisnt God. They're so crazy for your votes and after winning them, they want to ban God from us. they are anti-Christians. No wonder Joe Biden couldn’t remember who created him. He’s lied so much, I doubt he believes in God. Jesus Christ died for our sins and saved us. Kamala Harris wants us to forget all about that, probably saying God is a lie. She’s using Joe to gain power. She’s after power and money. It’s never truly about what’s good for us, she’s got no interest in even you Democrat supporters. She just wants your votes. That’s it. In her offer, she says "I'll give you free stuff, national healthcare, lots of incintives. all you gotta do is vote for Joe and me." We christians have heard this empty promise before. It’s famous. It’s been around for 1000s of years. Who said it? God’s enemy. Satan. He promised Jesus the exact same thing. He was brushed off by our Lord, But now, over 2000 years later, it’s the same old stale empty promise. Now, it’s coming out of her mouth. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing all they can, surrounded by their liberal media blankets and fake news, to do nothing but trashing Trump for your faithful ears to hear. They’re too afraid to come out and face him. That means they don’t want exposure. They can’t have that. They sit in a basement, same way Satan just sits in hell, and sweet-talk your leftist ears in their brainwashing. All the while planning to make Jesus illegal for us.

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(picture of a woman with a badly photoshopped mask calling 911, the text says "my mask won't work unless everybody else wears one!")
Dear Karen,
the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. have both changed their stances to;

I'll never forget a "news blurb" I heard, but never found ever again:
"Democrats are delighted with the success of their Milgram experiment".
incase you don't know, the Milgram experiment was to see if people could be
forced to murder someone with only the demands of an authority figure.

Wearing masks? isn't about a PLANDEMIC, or a pan(DEM)ic, aka DEM PANIC.
its about taking your rights away, its about stealing your freedom.


psiandco #conspiracy #wingnut #pratt deviantart.com

(from the same guy that made this, this is a reply to a comment that he now flagged debunking his anti-mask bullcrap.)
in the united states, the only people dying from the C-19 are in retirement homes and prisons...
places where one can't refuse "mystery-shot-X". Yes, I am saying that the cv-19 dead are either false reporting by hospitals (*to get money, natch) or intentionally murdered...
...By the way, the cdc released a "corrected estimate" of those who have died from covid-19, Not 250,000... nope try less than 6% of that.
do the Democrats kill people to keep their secrets?
just ask Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and over one hundred others on the KILLARY KLINTON BODY COUNT.
Ask sandy hook residents why all, and I mean ALL, home loans and mortgages were paid off simultaneously (on the same day).

Do some damn research for your self.

psiandco #homophobia #wingnut deviantart.com

(due to the post being too long, I had to shorten it up a bit)
Love is not love, and Sex is not love.
Some words have had their dictionary meanings perverted since the 80's.
Namely the words Love, Marriage and Sex.
Love is not the state of being sexually attracted to someone. No.
That is not love, sexual attraction is lust.
Love is the feeling of a bond a person can share with another living being, yet unlike other sentiments - Love has to be consensual and mutual!
Love is nurtured and grows over time, the bond becomes stronger.
Marriage is the institution that takes two human adults who are in "Love", one man, one woman, and declares them a new "family". Marriage is intended to be a life long bond, and serves the purpose of creating children and providing for their care until that care is no longer needed.

Now, I want you to understand why sex is not love.
Sex specifically is the act to produce offspring. Humans have two genders and only two. Any claim of something different is a lie and justification for depravity. To produce offspring it takes one man and one woman to perform the act of sex.
Any manipulation of the genitals to achieve orgasm or sexual release, that does not produce children is in fact a form of masturbation. it doesn't matter who, how many, or what you do it with. You are a sexual deviant if your efforts to produce an orgasm can never produce children.
Consensual masturbation is not "sex", and neither is it "love".
Twisting language and creating terminology, "look at it this way" arguments and other efforts to justify perversions needs to be stopped.

amanda2324 #fundie #homophobia deviantart.com

(they are talking about this article)

"We can’t expect non-believers to live by Christian morals."

False. We can in fact expect non-believers to live by Christian morals. God's Word and Law are objective moral values. We have every place to expect even non-believers to live under such things. They are not just good for us, but good for everyone. The thing is that you can give reasons for His laws and morals being beneficial without just resorting to "because God said so." Those who seek to justify allowing sins to be legally and socially seen as okay are doing only that. God's Word is Truth, His Law is Moral. Human laws are to subscribe to His laws. Yes, we can choose not to. But it is WRONG to intentionally choose not to live by His laws.

"This is Not God's Nation"

Not a valid response. Whether it's God's Nation or not is irrelevant. Because it can be. Just because someone claims it isn't doesn't mean it isn't. Furthermore, if it actually isn't, then we should make it be God's Nation. Christians are NOT to back down from doing God's Will just because it's "not God's nation." That is not a good excuse.

"God doesn't honor a marriage license."

Yes, He does. A marriage license is a symbol of a promise. He will honor those that are made between consenting, unrelated adults of the opposite sex. And condemn those that are outside of True Marriage - His creation and ideal for the union between two unique humans that He created.

EmpathicDesign #wingnut #psycho deviantart.com

See what I did there in the title? ;)

So, it has come to my attention just how ugly leftists are. And I mean that in every literal way possible.
They're physically unattractive, when they talk it's always a few octaves louder than required when presenting a point, they always look like they drank raw lemon juice just before they speak and it's as though they have mastered the usage of every other vital function but the ones that matter i.e they know how to talk, but their ears are used conditionally, they know how to think but feelings entangle into their thoughts and do not separate before coming out their mouths.

Oh, and they support criminal activity i.e AntiFa, BLM and illegal immigration, and they protect pedophiles, rapists and murderers. They also historically supported slavery and condemned its abolition.

Why are these people not being lined up at the execution range en mas and by the truck loads? There will be absolutely no negative repercussions for getting rid of these monsters; evil is not meant to be condemned or imprisoned, it's mean to be destroyed entirely from reality. Duh.


Silent-Sid #wingnut #fundie deviantart.com

Woke Far Left ( claim to be Liberal ) : " I know I'm right ! ... because the Main Stream Media Said so! "
Democrat : " I know I'm right ! ... because the my Democrat Friends Said so! "
Atheist : " I know I'm right ! ... because Atheist Books Said so! "
LGBTQ Freak : " I know I'm right ! ... because Gay Democrat funded institution Fag Doctors Said so! "
Muslim : " I know I'm right ! ... because the Quran Said so! "

notice a Pattern here ?!?!

Christian Me : " I know I Could be right ! ... because everyone else screwed up Royally ! "

kittykins-pi #conspiracy #crackpot deviantart.com

This is silly. The so-called "gas chambers" were delousing showers. Lice are known to carry typhoid fever, which is a huge problem in war and was a huge problem during the Second World War. This is why they had the prisoners remove their clothes and why they had their hair cut. After all, why would the Nazis bother doing that if they were just going to kill and bury/cremate them anyway?

And here's the kicker: If Auschwitz was really a "death camp", then why did the Nazis bother moving Anne Frank and her sister to Bergen-Belsen, which was one of the normal concentration camps according to holocaust lore and where they died of typhus?

Always hear everyone's position, no matter how "evil" you may believe them to be. And don't get emotional, either. Be logical and reasonable in all things. Do not mock them or scoff at even ridiculous claims, for truth is stranger than fiction, and it is always possible that you are wrong.

Step Three: PROFIT!!! Award

ArtilleryVoodoo #conspiracy deviantart.com

The media are infected with a disease that needs to be cured. They are the voice of the deep state and pushing the big pharma agenda, and only allowing their narrative to be heard. I think they are trying to force a cashless society upon us and mandatory vaccinations that will make them trillions and gain total control and power over us...and im not the only one who thinks this

TheMarineArtist #wingnut deviantart.com

How can you desecrate the “don’t tread on me“ slogan of the patriots who fought the British for our independence. this BLM doghsit Is a Marxist scam that launders and steals money for the Democrats. How can you put don’t tread on me, which symbolizes America, with the Marxist fist that symbolizes communism and reverse racism against white people

Novuso #conspiracy #racist deviantart.com

You know that you live under a tyrannical regime if the mere opening of your month can send you to prison for years. This was no slap on the wrist. Usula Haverbeck will likely die in prison unless justice is restored and she is set free.

Resist, question all official narratives and research the the truth. Spread the word and let people know what is going on.

They would not be able to get away with what they do presently if they did not control past narratives. For over 70 years all they have had to do to silence their opposition is blow the antisemitism dog whistle and call those who opposed their plans Nazis. Don't like bankers controlling the world and printing money out of thin air well then you must be an antisemite. Hitler also complained about international bankers so you must also be a Nazi. Don't like your nation being flooded with immigrants well that is "wrong think" that could lead to the next holocaust. Thus the opposition falls into line or else is marginalized to the fringes of society branded as a Jew hater.

empathicdesign #homophobia deviantart.com

Imagine living in a world where if someone wanted to have "Pride" recognition, it would mean being some kind of "Phobe". Yah.
The fact that heterosexuality is not being celebrated should be a damn good reason to be concerned.
LGB? You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us straight folk. Yeah. Show some appreciation.

The snowflakes that attack us that endorse Straight Pride, call US snowflakes. Yeah. We are the snowflakes.
Apparently, we are attention seekers. Imagine that. In addition to that, we get labeled as LGBTphobes and what not. Yeah. That's TOTALLY not making about you.. ;)

Let's be honest, the naysayers, the ones getting butthurt over this are being triggered for no, real, reason.
Straight Pride is the REAL Pride, as there's nothing to celebrate about being gay. Nothing.

Nothing says phobic like attacking another because it's deemed a threat to their own pride. Snowflake in a nutshell. :-D

Rangertamer #conspiracy deviantart.com

Really? Ok. You talk about Hitler and nazis. What was nazi germany doing at that time? It was invading country after country in Europe to protect their homeland, starting with Poland. They started doing this with this two events: The Gleiwitz Incident.[link] and the Reichtach FIre: [link]
Both incidents were at first blamed on an enemy and were the excuses for the Nazi Germany's campaign. These are called false flag attacks.
It seems you have been propagandized by the media that is sponsored and advertised entirely by the war industry and you have not seen many things, for example, look up Prescott Bush and BCCI and you will find out that this George Bush relative was busted for laundering money for the nazis. You don't know where Bin Laden came from. He was originally a known CIA asset known as Tim Osman and was protected by the government. This is in Dan Radder's own words:[link]
As for hurting the feelings of the victims that day you do not know that they are seeking a new investigation.

Ad that was aired by the relatives of victims of Sept 11.

You reply to me insulting me and you don't even know what Orwellian is. It refers to 1984, a police state where all people are afraid of the government and believe every lie they say.

darkbulb121 #conspiracy #quack deviantart.com

You are so literally brainwashed & indoctrinated. By your logic cars can't kill people because people died before there were cars.

Both Africa and India have suffered the worst of what Bill & Linda have forced on the world. CDC, FDA & WHO now all ADMIT THEY HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE OF DOUBLE BLIND, SALINE PLACEBO TESTING. Vaxxxines have NEVER ONCE BEEN TESTED FOR SAFETY BY STANDARDS GOING BACK OVER 70 YEARS.

Honkler #psycho #racist #conspiracy 9chan.tw

its now the ku klux klan kingdom

the kkkk has one simple goal, increase white birth rates and decrease nonwhite birthrates.

our people are getting replaced in our own homeland by the ungrateful savages, we gave them electricity, plumbing, industrial agriculture, television, the automobile, airplanes, modern medicine, cell phones, computers, there is NOTHING in this world the white man didn't make or perfect and they hate us like how a teenager hates god.

meanwhile the boomers have completely betrayed the white race, they voted for presidents that allowed hordes of immigrants into the country to replace us in exchange for their cheap labor. The kkkk will not allow any boomers into its ranks.

anonymity is a tool we must utilize to its fullest advantage. we all know the risks we take for speaking the truth, we can lose our jobs, our houses, our relationships. we must go out in public with hoods on, if they complain we say they're for corona.

we must speak to the niggers directly about how they kill themselves more than we ever killed them and how much better it would be for them if they became subservient to whites again.

we must form our own church denomination heavily inspired by martin luther, we must dismantle the catholic church in america, we gotta stop supporting people like trump who's in laws are jews, we gotta stop the mormons and scientologists indoctrinating more members and unify the white race to win helter skelter.

SmuttyTheClown #homophobia #wingnut deviantart.com

Smutty, like yourself, is on a never-ending quest to rid the world of degeneracy, and it warms his cold heart whenever he sees a few rays of nonrainbow-colored light!

Despite all of the nastiness that has shown its ugly gender-confused face, this "LGBT Pride Month" has seen some promising developments in the fight against gay aggression. Jack Phillips won his six-year fight against the fag couple that tried to force him to bake them a wedding cake. On June 4th, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Christian baker from Colorado. Guess the lefties will have to go somewhere else next time they want a bakery of leftist culture, such as a man and dog getting it on!

That was followed today, June 27th, by an announcement that shocked many. Decrepit and pro-gay Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. That means that Trump can name a replacement, and hopefully get him confirmed before the November elections or during the lame duck session. Baby killers and LGBT degenerates everywhere are shaking in their shoes.

A few weeks ago the LGBT community was humiliated by a more hidden foe, as the anons on 4chan's pol pulled their latest prank. Memes were spread for #droptheB, which confused many queers and "allies" into thinking that it was a well-meaning campaign. After all, does bisexual not imply that there are only two genders, and not 63? LGBT is then a hypocritical term.

Speaking of hypocrites, leftist cunt Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario, Canada, was absolutely shalacked in the election earlier this month. Warned to quit beforehand, the cunt thankfully decided that she wanted to bring her party down with her. They finished third with only seven seats and failed to maintain official party status! On June 7th election night she finally gave up and tearfully resigned as Liberal Party leader. An open lesbian, it looks like some schoolkids might soon be saved from her programs that intend to make them as sexually disturbed as she is.

Many other battles to defend our children against gay encroachment are still ongoing, some as ridiculous as the mental health of a fictional Disney character. There is a push to make Disney's Elsa be a carpet muncher in the upcoming kids movie, Frozen 2. Rather than shoot down the perverse notion, aimed at indoctrinating children into the gay sexual lifestle, writer and co-director Jennifer Lee told hate site HuffPost that "we have tons of conversations about it" and "We’ll see where we go".

Consider that Disney's Marvel Entertainment has already confirmed that outwardly faggy characters will soon appear in their films. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, just told The Playlist on June 25th that it will be "Both [characters] you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen." So, there will be some newly invented superfags, and you might wake up to find that your favorite formerly masculine comic book hero now enjoys the intimacy of other men.

Drag Queen Story Hour, the American child abuse tour, continues to flaunt their sexual sickness in front of children as young as four and five years old. Forbes, which has become a fag news outlet lately, published an article on June 20th claiming "drag queens are the perfect people to read out loud to little ones" because they capture the "gender fluidity of childhood". Today, in fact, the kinder-seeking queens are in Beloit, Wisconsin, a town of 36,000 people. The residents have shown some fight by writing and calling the library, but in the end, their town's kids will most likely get their dose of gay sex propaganda.

That brings us to the latest joint venture between homosexuality and pedophilia which begins airing tomorrow. RuPaul's thinly-veiled young-boy-indoctrination cartoon, Drag Tots, will air on the World of Wonder channel. Today, Entertainment Weekly begins their congratulatory article about it with the following line, "It’s never too early to slip into your first pair of heels, contour your cheekbones, or learn the basics of drag culture."

On the contrary, Smutty encourages you to go out and win more victories for sexual sanity. The media is clearly trying to get your sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters to live a life of sadness and pain, probably culminating in an early death from drugs or disease. It is never to early to strike out in defense.

WoodrowWoodThough #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

(submitter note: he's talking about the article "USA worst country in the world to raise a family")

WoodrowWoodThough: You need to share this information with the massive number of immigrants flooding the border. They seemed to have missed the memo.

believeinya: That "flood" of immigrants is in Europe, not in the USA, which gets very little in comparison.

The USA complaints endlessly about the workers they get from Mexico who do the work in the USA that regular US americans wont do.

And the USA complaints like this while net immigration from Mexico is zero.

And the USA builds a border wall while the mexican workers use airplanes to get to the USA.

WoodrowWoodThough: The USA has about 22-30 million illegal aliens, most from Mexico. The population of the USA consists of about 64 million immigrants, not including the illegal aliens.

EmpathicDesign #transphobia #wingnut deviantart.com

And all of the T's in LGBT know it's true.

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals have (without issue) embraced their biological sex.

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals have real love for themselves.

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals do not suffer 'Gender Dysphoria'

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals are not bothered by 'Social Gender Norms'

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals are not discriminated on the grounds of not having personally applied pronouns used.

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals do worry about expressing a 'Gendered Identity'.

Transgender identifying individuals are jealous that 'Cis' individuals are not delusional and suffering from mental illness.


darkbulb121 #conspiracy #quack deviantart.com

Vaxxxines brought us autism and autoimmune disease, diminished frontal lobes, seizures, ADHD, thyroid disease. Those are just from people I personally know.

Vaxxxines also are unduly credited for the decrease in many diseases that happened in fact due to better health standards in general.

I stopped getting vaccines myself just over 2 decades ago because the rampant Flu Vaccine pushing was a clear sign that something was off. In the last 2 years my fucking DOG developed seizures after a routine vaxx. Meds controlled it. I detoxxed my dog from heavy metals for 3 months & dropped the meds. No more seizures and no meds.

You're gonna choke on all that pro vaxx propaganda. Do you really want them tracking you, every aspect of your life, by accepting a vaccine? It's a one way trip, once you piss in the pool you can't get it out. Once Tagged, Forever Traced

Do people want their Globalist Holy Grail, "herd immunity" or not? We achieve immunity from exposure, not from hiding behind a useless face diaper. 7 months and this virus is bullshit & most of us have figured it out. Complete media psyop, the sheep are rabid. And that's all the Globalist owned & controlled mass media indoctrination system gives airtime to, the Mask Hysterics terrified by molested statistics and fabricated studies by also fabricated "government experts".

I have not yet worn a mask. I've been out everywhere I normally go seeing all the people I normally see in my podunk town as well as my 1-2 time a week visits to: Fort Worth, Dallas, Garland, Plano... The whole time.

This whole time my 56 year old, unmasked, unvaxxed, unprotected ass has been exposed to a deadly pathogen. Where's my virus? Where's my disease?

Why is my kid who's been working a filthy UPS hub, handling shit from all over the globe not dead? He got sick on 2-3 occasions in the last 7 months & like all UPS guys just pushed through it on antihistamines. Why weren't his coworkers dropping like flies. "business as usual at UPS, same as every year." is what he reported from what should've been a "hot zone".

A close friend's stepfather, 77, developed mild symptoms around 3 weeks ago. Scared & went to hospital, requested testing. Hospital didn't want to test him. He insisted. Positive for C19. He came prepared to check in. They sent him home w/ no meds. Symptoms gone w/ no prescriptions in 4 days total. Back outdoors & living as usual 2 Fridays ago.

Three "high risk" subjects.
Sub# 1: Total exposure, zero evidence of contact or infection.
Sub# 2: Total exposure, sick w/ symptoms 2-3 times during psyop, never tested, complete recovery each time.
Sub# 3: Highest risk of fatality, mild symptoms, test positive, recovered in 4 days.

According to what you guys think about C19 all 3 of us should be dead.

You may keep your vaccines.
We will keep our freedom.

EmpathicDesign #transphobia deviantart.com

Here's the facts: The true enemies of transgender identifying individuals are their supporters. :3

Transgender identifying individuals have a 20x higher suicide rate than any other demographic of people; but why is this?
Society? No.
Bullying? No.
Discrimination? No.
Family or peers? No.
Exclusion? No.

Answer: Unresolved dysphoria pre and post hormonal therapies and corrective surgeries.

How do you help a person kick an addictive habit: You support them into stopping what that are doing that is causing and worsening the problem, not support them into continuing it; which is what trans supporters do; they're effectively leading the transgender identifying individuals to the noose.

Helping someone is helping them stop what is causing their problems, not encourage them.

History has shown that the best solution to resolving the transgender mental illness is natal sex therapy and watchful waiting.


EmpathicDesign #transphobia deviantart.com

Just.. Lol. At least for some of it.

Lesbian - Biological females with a romantic and sexual desire for other women. Valid.

Gay - Biological males with a romantic and sexual desire for other men. Valid.

Bisexual - Biological females or males with a romantic and sexual desire for other men and women. Valid.

Transgender - An ideology based on the self assertion of being the opposite sex. Not relevant to sexual orientation. Invalid.

Queer - Another term for homosexual. Used ambiguously rather than a direct claim of ones homosexuality. Valid.

Questioning - Self explanatory, but not a sexual preference. Invalid.

Two-Spirit - Culturally inappropriate and not even remotely relevant to sexual orientations. Invalid.

Intersex - A biological anomaly that covers a variety of physical sex disorders. Completely unrelated to sexual orientation. Invalid.

Asexual - The total lack of sexual desire. Not a sexual orientation. Invalid.

Did I miss any? :3


EternalUniverse1 #wingnut #psycho deviantart.com

(submitter note: for information, EternalUniverse1 is salty because he got called out by his "slaughter all muslim immigrants!" comment)

EternalUniverse1: Let me get this straight. I'm the bad guy simply because I want to fight back against all the psychotic monsters who simply want to rape and murder innocent people and want them to stop? You might as well say wanting to get rid of nazis is bigotry. The fact of the matter is reasoning with them is impossible and there's nothing left to do except fight. I can be reasonable when necessary, but until those animals stop attacking and murdering everything in sight in the name of Allah, there's nothing that can be done except fight. Give me one good reason why I'm a biggot.

jacket98764: 1:no one is denieying the rapes you moron
2:you are the bad guy for calling for a fucking genocide.is so difficult to understand that?.

EternalUniverse1: Genocide!? Islam isn't even a race you half-wit! 4 out of 5 Muslims support Sharia, not excluding the migrants!

ALL LIFES MATTER #racist twitter.com

(submitter note: despite the bad english, no, this guy isn't a troll, he's actually chinese himself.)

I’m sick of. Black lives matter ! Who ever stand for us when the black people killing Asian during the pandemic? Tell me !?
I’m an Asian ! Tell me ! Who could mother fucker tell me why Asian need tolerate racist with Slience ?
# are your guys kidding me ?

darkbulb121 #conspiracy #wingnut deviantart.com

Masks are useless, it's printed on the box. I don't need that though. I don't need any fabricated "studies" by equally fabricated "experts" or "top scientists". I need the common sense that years of fluoride still haven't erased. All is self evident.'

NO Seal = NO Filter Air and the pathogens in it can flow around a corner.
A virus does not come on a 6' leash.

This whole Plandemic and the related "social distancing" & MASK bullshit is swiftly dividing the "awake & aware" from the clueless Left wing Globalist puppets.

I believe if we remain on this vector it will decay into either revolt or civil war... possibly both.

DarkBulb121 #conspiracy #quack deviantart.com

Highly overreported. Too many Drs & Nurses blowing the whistle. A piece of fruit was tested possitive. A personal friend got tested 3 times, all came back negative, his physician still pronounced C19 & reported as such.

If this bug were bad I'd be dead you pussy. So would my kid. So would my friend's 77 year old dad. So would my personal friend with 3 negatives that his doc still reported as C19.

Start detoxing that piece of swiss cheese you use for a frontal lobe. Diatomaceous earth gets the metals, (buy food grade). Fluoride which is the binding agent that carries lead, strontium, aluminum, mercury, etc. past the brain blood barrier & conveniently deposits them in your now crippled logic center can be detoxed w/ iodine in your diet. Seaweed, kelp & especially shellfish are good sources.

Good luck 85.

Linda #conspiracy #racist twitter.com

Do any Americans still wonder how the Nazi's got the Jews to load themselves into Cattle Cars? Look around you. They shut down your businesses, THEN sent an army of gangs to destroy, loot, and burn them, attacked your heritage, and FORCED you to wear a mask while THEY did it.

SilverStarApple #wingnut deviantart.com

It's fascinating to see what they're willing to overlook, reinterpret, and blame on Trump. Completely overlooking the part they played (And are still playing) in the virus because they want to pretend everything's Trump's fault.

The animal almost gets close to seeing what's bullshit about the "Leftists claim the BLMafia riots and looting was caused by White Supremacists" lie but stops because it doesn't want to be right and human, it wants to be a leftist on Weinstain's side.

TheodoreCHill #conspiracy #psycho deviantart.com

Over 28 children have been made Saints by the church because Jews sacrificed them ritually.

Over 109 countries have kicked Jews out - and every European country often more than once.

Jews give newborn babies herpes through sucking their freshly penises and torture animals through kosher slaughter.

Truth does not fear investigation.

And there is no hiding that you are a disgusting individual whom I would wish things on that I cannot publicly say.

God have mercy on your soul.

EmpathicDesign #racist #wingnut deviantart.com

If they did, the movement that set out to (apparently) defend the freedoms and protections of black people would actually care about black people and not use the untimely death of (criminal) black man at the knees of a white police officer (despite not being racially motivated).

BLM is nothing more than mindless, bigoted movement to destroy property and rob innocent, hard working people, all because of 'Feelings'.

If they can mobilize like that, why not tackle pedophilia, rape, domestic violence and abuse, of which there is ample amounts in the black community.
But no, they want to destroy the property of people who had nothing to do with George's death. Black people did not fight for freedom just to watch their future people kill each other ignore the real issues facing them.
Well, if they end up destroying themselves, so be it. If you don't listen, you don't learn.
Justifiable self destruction.

But here is more as to why black lives do not matter: Because black people are, by and large, not treating each other like they do matter; they do not challenge the state government that is neglecting their human needs but instead continue to elect the same government that neglects them whilst degrading the governments that would help them, they do not rally against the powers that oppress them and they instead of pointing their fingers to the formerly stated, they point their fingers to white people and white police, all because white people are by and large, doing better, but not because of the government, but because they put in the effort for themselves and their loved ones.

There is no point attacking and defunding the police, black people historically armed themselves against each other; gangs, drug dealers and hoods, and the more powerful the fire arms, the more powerful the police require their equipment needs to be to protect innocent citizens.

If black lives matter, then black people would act like they do, but they do not and have no one to blame but themselves for doing nothing about their circumstances. Period.


DarkBulb121 #conspiracy deviantart.com

Drone. Look at reality. Masks cannot be responsible for shit. Contagion/quarantine precautions only work, if ever, if 95% of the participating population participate. We not only have less than 50% participation in the United States but we also have massive "violations". Masks don't get credit for shit. N95 does NOT even filter virus we find out. A virus does not come on a 6' leash.

There's literally nothing online that holds water against reality. Go out your front door & breath some real air.

I have not yet worn a mask. I have not yet been denied access, product sales or service by a single business. I live out in what you're hiding from. I'm 56 years old & jogged 13miles & change 4 days ago & 6 yesterday. I clock in around 10:26-10:39/mile in triple digit TX weather. If this virus were bad I'd already be dead. So would my kid working in a nasty UPS hub. He was sick 2-3 times during this. Nobody there ended up dying with a hose down their trach. So would a 77 yo guy I know who actually tested positive and was done with only mild symptoms in 4 days NO MEDS.

This whole time that's 3 high risk cases, only one infection in the highest risk and that guy was back in service in less than a week.

You fear a sock puppet.

Wake up... when you're ready.

Shizuru-Minamino #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

The Holy Bible makes this quite clear. The Bible is the law and the written Word of God, himself. It doesn't matter if something that is sinful is made legal. What is sin is the product of the Devil. God made us man and woman, for one man and one woman to marry and bear children. That's what we are intended to be.

The people who created the U.S, were Christians, following the Word of God. They used the Ten Commandments to create our laws and constitutional amendments. Our country was created with the love of Jesus in mind. He wants all of us to follow his Father's plans. There is no lie about this and it's not something ancient, because the Bible is never ancient. It never has set dates in history. It's written like the events in it are always present.

There's a man in prison for 15 years in Iowa for burning the Rainbow Flag that was posted outside of his church. He did the righteous thing, because the Rainbow Flag is really a symbol of lust. It's not love. It's not a Christian flag. Real love is about loving everyone, but also it's about a husband and a wife loving each other. What this man burned was a flag symbolizing lust. And Satan enjoys confusing people under this flag by saying it's love. He claims being gay and lesbian is the way to be. That we must accept LBGTQ for the new way. This is what Satan wants to trap us with.

But, LBGTQ is never the new way. It's just a way to sway people to the realms of Hell after death. The man that was sent to prison, will be receiving judgement from God, the real judge of this world. He'll have his place in Heaven for burning a symbol of lust that was forced upon the House of God. The real path to Heaven, is to stay with God's plans. Swallow your gay/lesbian pride and be straight. One husband and one wife creates children. One man and one woman creates a home for the presence of God to be made welcome. And one man and one woman at the time of death creates less to no sin that needs to be pardoned, in order to enter God's kingdom. You can't have anything sinful to hang off you. Being gay/lesbian is one of those sins. Claiming it as love is another. And saying, "but my country says it's okay" doesn't make it any less sinful. All that says to Him is "that country needs to be gotten rid of, if it's forcing my children to obey sin instead of me".