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Not all Christians have IQs below 95, yet many Atheists are "hell bent" on painting all Christians are morons. This behavior by atheists is indicative of a complex, probably rooted in some kind of envy or anxiety. While I can't really hold forth on the topic due to lack of evidence, I did see that liberals were more likely to be atheists and also that liberals were more likely to have poor opinions of fathers and men in general. Possibly the atheist complex is some form of a "father complex".

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Just because they choose to be defiant, and would rather ridicule others because of their beliefs, instead of respecting that not everyone is like them, doesn't give them the right to impune them. It's called sharing the planet. If they choose not to believe in a God, no biggy, it's their eternity not ours. Our country just so happens to have about 80% of it's citizens that believe in the christian God. If these non-believers feel it's absurd to believe in and put trust in something they can't see, smell, touch, taste, feel or explain, that's their perogative. Just shut the fuck up about why they are so against those that do choose to believe, and share the planet. Their negative views also have a tangible that affects our lives, you don't see us hating on them.

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[Borat : Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan]

I'm an airy fairy new age psychic Christian from Washington, DC married to a Jewish man from the Northeast. However, I do have Christian relatives from the midwest and South. My point is that it's alright for a black to make a joke about a white, but not vice versa. It's alright for a Jews to parody Christians, but not the reverse.

This movie was very selective in picking people from the South to show as ignorant and socially/politically incorrect. Why didn't he pick any NY or CA people to portray this way? We know there's an abudance of idiots in every region. This movie was narrow-minded, and manipulative in its depiction of Americans and Southerners, and relied heavily on disgusting hairy body parts for its humor. Frankly, I was bored and grossed out by the film.

It was also an obvious political statement by a liberal foreigner as we approach the elections. And guess what...I'm not a Republican. But I'm still offended when foreigners constantly malign Americans, yet there are still 20m+ immigrants flooding into our country.

Can we say "double standard" on all counts? I wish I could get a refund back from this movie.

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[More objection to atheists using 'Oh my God!']

the fact that you are claiming possesion to a God you do not even believe in and using that possession for, what we consider, a sinful purpose. And, in a small way, you are mocking us because it isn't your God if you understand what I'm saying.