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Holy Communion in the Times of Coronavirus
By Nick Kampouris -Mar 6, 2020

As fears grow across the globe about the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, people in Greece and abroad are wondering if gatherings in churches and other shrines should be restricted, or at least if some of the practices of the faithful should be limited.

Greece has already taken boldly restrictive measures to contain the virus’ spread by closing schools, theaters, cinemas, and sport centers in some of its regions.

However, no such measures have been announced for the country’s thousands of churches, places where many people gather closely together every week.

One of the perennial questions regarding public health at the time of any viral outbreak is particularly focused on the Orthodox Christian world, and more specifically on the Eucharist, or holy communion, since this is conducted using the same spoon for all congregants.

Recently, Roman Catholic authorities in Jerusalem instructed their priests to give holy communion strictly by hand, instead of placing the hosts directly on worshippers’ tongues.

Should the Orthodox Christian communities around the world follow this paradigm, and stop giving worshippers holy communion using the same spoon?

This is the question Greek Reporter tried to ask the Archdiocese of Athens and all Greece; however, we had not received a reply as of press time today.

This issue has sharply divided the Greek Orthodox flock, with heated social media debates taking place for days.

Speaking with Greek public broadcaster ERT1 last week, Orthodox priest Stylianos Karpathiou said flatly that ”Jesus Christ does not carry microbes,” a statement which sparked a widespread conversation and dilemma.

Similar remarks have been made by other ecclesiastical figures throughout this past week.

Gabriel, who is the Bishop of Nea Ionia in Attica, Greece said on Friday that no one has to worry about the Holy Communion as it transmits God’s grace and not viruses.

Speaking with MEGA Channel television, the Bishop noted that those who believe in God have ”nothing to fear,” as the Holy Communion is nothing more or nothing less than ”the body and the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Some commentators on social media accused this approach of not only being irrational but also dangerous as well, since thousands of people, many of whom are elderly, partake of holy communion every Sunday, sharing the same spoon with others.

Ieronymos, the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, held a discussion on the matter with Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis several days ago. The prelate noted that the Church stands in solidarity with the Greek state and mentioned all the hygienic measures that each individual should be taking as a matter of course these days.

However, the Orthodox Church of Greece has not announced if it will take further steps to help reduce potential dangers regarding the spreading of the coronavirus.

The Orthodox Church of Korea announced recently that these individuals who do not feel well are encouraged not to go to church.

”In every one of our churches, our priests will continue to pray the Divine Liturgy because the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is the most important prayer of our Orthodox Church,” the Orthodox Church of Korea noted.

”During the time of the Divine Liturgy let them pray at home. As is well known, the primary concern of the Church is people’s health and wellbeing. We entreat the Lord to protect you from all evil, to help overcome the virus problem in our country and around the world, and to bless us with a spiritually fruitful Great Lent,” the statement concluded.

Similar advice has been given to the Greek flock as well; however, the crucial question remains: what if an ill individual decides to go and attend the liturgy despite these common-sense warnings – the same of course applies to any mass gathering.

Of course, many of the faithful believe that they have nothing to fear, but what about the state? Does it have a moral obligation to issue its own warning, especially to those who belong to sensitive groups of the population? Can it, or should it, even ban certain people from attending divine liturgies or events that gather big crowds in general?

Would this even be constitutional in Greece, or would it be considered an attack on the church?

These are questions which need answers in a time when humanity is attempting to find the delicate balance between individual liberties and preventing the further spread of disease.

What is sure is the fact that, as the outbreak of the Covid19 coronavirus continues to evolve, these issues will most likely come under the spotlight in a much more intense manner as time goes on.

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Thousands of witches to cast massive spell on Trump and his supporters
Instructed to call on 'demons of the infernal realms'
WND Staff By WND Staff
Published October 22, 2019 at 8:40pm

[Stock image of a witch with glowing eyes and veins stretching her hand out]

At one minute before the stroke of midnight on Oct. 25, thousands of self-identified witches plan to simultaneously conduct a ritual meant to "bind" President Trump "and all those who abet him."

The practice has taken place monthly since Trump's inauguration, notes Michael Snyder on his End of the American Dream blog, but with Halloween approaching and an impeachment inquiry underway, it's getting renewed media attention.

The practitioners explain that unlike a "curse" or a "hex," a "binding spell" is not meant to cause harm.

"Rather," writes Snyder, "the witches hope to prevent President Trump from doing harm to the United States by his actions, and so they actually believe that they are doing something very positive for the country."

But a closer examination "reveals some very disturbing details," he writes, as the witches are instructed to call on "demons of the infernal realms" for help in binding Trump and his allies.

With props that include an unflattering photo of Trump, a tarot card, a stub of an orange candle, a pin and a feather, the participants will call on the "heavenly hosts, demons of the infernal realms, and spirits of the ancestors" to bind Trump "so that his malignant works may fail utterly."

"Many people may laugh at such antics, but that is only because they have never had a personal encounter with the powers of darkness," writes Snyder. "We live in a world where the supernatural is commonplace, and the powers of darkness are very, very real."

He points out that the developer of the anti-Trump ritual acknowledges binding spells "are some of the oldest in the historical record, and are nearly universal in the world’s magical systems."

Vox reported as many as 13,000 witchcraft practitioners are involved in the anti-Trump movement.

The "resistance witches," comprised of internet neo-pagans, Wiccans and solo practitioners who self-identify as "hedge witches," form a collective known as the #MagicResistance.

The spell, a variant on a traditional “binding” spell found in many contemporary neo-pagan and other occult practices, involves channeling energy to limit Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm."

Practitioners, notes Snyder, have the option to add, "You’re fired."

From 1990 to 2008, the number of practitioners of Wicca, a form of witchcraft, increased from about 8,000 to about 340,000 in the United States. In 2014, according to a Pew survey, there were as many as 1.5 million.

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Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson challenges the true racists in government

Somehow in this country, white people became the only ones called “racist” (even though “racism” does not exist; it’s either right or wrong, good or evil). Everyone is encouraged to hate white people. The Civil Rights Movement, which I regret participating in, only brought destruction. Blacks forced white private businesses to service them, and whites began catering to blacks. Then other immoral people came in and used black people for their own agenda, to bully the weak whites. Women who hate men, radical homosexuals, illegal aliens and others seduced black false leaders, comparing their wicked causes to blacks’ supposed “struggle.”

I often ask black and Hispanic liberal guests on my talk shows, “Do you love white people?” Rarely can they simply answer, “Yes.” But when I ask them if they love blacks or Mexicans, it’s suddenly an easy answer – “Yes!”

This month of July is my second annual celebration of White History Month. America is great thanks to white people. But it’s so overrun with blind white-hating people that we now have a Muslim woman with a head rag in Congress! Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., is an evil, America-hating, Christian-hating “social justice warrior.” But she falsely claims, “I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born.” Her kind of “love” is the same emotional, egotistical spirit as angry single black mothers who raise thugs and defend them when they commit crimes.

I’ve been saying for years that if anyone does not love this country, they can leave! If you hate white people, and you believe in so-called “racism,” even though whites let you into this country, go back to Africa or wherever you came from! Same with the white communist antifa members who hate American freedom – get out of my country!

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

President Trump rightly said the same thing in a few tweets last Sunday. He suggested that these “progressive” Democrat Congresswomen “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He’s right. But they won’t, because they’re hypocrites – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. Not only will they not fix their own communities, they want to mess up ours! They only offer abortion, immoral socialism, false victimhood and hatred of white people, men and Christians.

Although the president defended white female Democrat Nancy Pelosi against false accusations of “racism” by Cortez, Pelosi turned on Trump, paying back evil for good. In order to help “women of color” who hate her, Pelosi led a controversial vote condemning what she falsely called “racist tweets,” denigrating the president. In response, Trump pointed out that “this was the first time since 1984 that the Speaker of the House was ruled Out of Order and broke the Rules of the House.”

Thank God, a beautiful crowd in Greenville, North Carolina echoed the president’s sentiments, chanting, “Send her back!” – referring to America-hating, Israel-hating Ilhan Omar. The children of the lie, including the liberal media, Democrats, RINO Republicans and Never Trumpers, of course freaked out over the lack of political correctness. These deceivers hate good people, and support America’s enemies. Weak, cowardly establishment Republicans begged the president to distance himself from the “send her back” chant, which he obliged to a point. But when pressed by media, the president stood by the people of North Carolina as “incredible patriots.”

President Trump loves America, and said that these Democrat women “can’t get away with” denigrating its people. “I’m unhappy that a Congresswoman … can call our country and our people ‘garbage.'” He referred to Cortez (the socialist), who trashed the opportunities offered by this country, and called the late President Reagan and working white people “racist.”

Trump said, “I can tell you this, you can’t talk that way about our country, not when I’m the president.” These are the words of a real man. Not a weak, pathetic person concerned with silly notions of “racism,” “sexism” and whatever else they come up with – Trump stands on what’s right. He’s a straight, white, conservative Christian man of power – everything the children of the lie hate.

Ilhan Omar promised to be the president’s “nightmare,” which really means she wants to be America’s nightmare. Trump said, “She’s lucky to be where she is. … And the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country.”

I say shame on us for allowing such a woman to come here. But this is what evil wants. It’s time for the people on the side of good to stand up. Thankfully, President Trump is doing that.

There’s nothing more important than rebuilding men. There are no men in the Democrat Party – only weak beta males. Women run the Democrat Party, which is anti-American and of Satan. We saw what happened when men disappeared from black homes. The black community worships “mama” while they kill one another. Now other races, including whites, follow in blacks’ footsteps of self-destruction, by following women. Whites have turned to weakness and surrender, thinking the people of color will love them. That’s not the way.

Watch and learn from this president, who makes evil unwelcome again.