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I'm not a gay-hating, homophobic bigot (I've shared the Gospel with some homosexuals) and I don't agree with everything Pastor Steven Anderson says but I can't help but feel the world would be a better, happier place if all the homosexuals who reject Christ would just do what Joshua Alcorn did. Kill themselves.

There would be less unsaved people in this world, plus homosexuality is a disease. A disease that spreads. A disease that on average shortens your life, and increases the depression and suicide rate. Also, there would be no Christ-rejecting homosexuals who bully others (especially Christians) and there would be no more people like Dan Savage.

Think about it. If all the Christ-rejecting homosexuals died wouldn't the world be a better, happier place for EVERYONE? Again, I'm not a gay-hating, homophobic bigot.

And for people reading this I suggest going to this website: "Victims of Gay Bullying: Who are the real bullies?"



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