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The only one dismantling the Constitution is the leftist scumbag Communists like you who have taken over the country without firing a single shot because the Republicans have faltered.....the only thing that stands between you cramming your Godless Careless self destructive ways down all of our throats is people like me and others..... Abortion ban is going to go nationwide the call for it from the right grows every day sooner then later it will happen and when we win the gov next year and this year in November you will be rolled over like a friggin freight train and we will get it done ...

So if I shouldn't shove my godless beliefs all of your throats why is it okay for you to shove yours down mine??

Also abortion was legally protected and you were fine. Nobody forced you to get an abortion, nobody stole your baby. You got to make the decision to have it. It literally didn't affect you at all did it?

That's called personal freedom. It's currently being repealed

Slavery was also legally protected too and look what happened with that? Not everything that was ever legally protected was have what they call a legal bias...You think just because it's legal it's right....just because Florida has a stand your ground law and you can literally shoot someone in the face you think is threatening your life weather they show you a gun or not is it right? Fuck no it can be manipulated so that you can kill and that law needs a little work.... idk if it's updated or not since the Zimmermann case but at one point that's how it was and that's how that bastard got away with it the first time.....was it right? No but was it legal at the time yes.....



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