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This is how it’s done.

Proclaim something to be true that is patently not. Do not mock those who disagree. Not yet. Instead, ask them, with sadness in your eyes, why you cannot just be generous and kind.

If they resist, shame them.

Most people will roll their eyes and move on. At first.

But after repeated exposure to the thing-that-is-proclaimed-to-be-true-that-patently-is-not, some will begin to question their understanding of reality. Now you make your next move.

Most people have an inadequate knowledge of biology (and other manifestations of reality), and know this. When pushed to the limits of what they are sure of, they may entrench (“er, no, men and women are different…?”) or they may cede small points.

Ceding small points is met with appreciation, & a request: Can’t you go just a little farther? Now that you have declared yourself a believer in X, surely you can also see that Y? This can be more effective than brute force attempts to change thinking.

Disinformation campaigns use many tactics. Words, gently offered, are a pleasant start. “Educate” yourself! They will move to shame, gaslighting, smearing reputations, outright lies, threats of violence, only if you resist. Best not to resist. You’re doing this to yourself!

Proclaim that men can get pregnant and give birth, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Trot out ludicrous examples as if they comprise an argument. Compel some under-smart but over-educated PhDs in biology to back you up, and proceed to argue from authority.

Here is one of many threads that I have written on sex and gender. Do not “trust” it based on the fact that I have a PhD in Biology. Read it with a critical eye. Assess it. Also read @fondofbeetles, @swipewright, so many more.

Proclaim that biologically accurate statements that include respect & compassion for trans people are transphobic, & that the author of such statements deserves any abuse that comes her way. Pretend that this is showing love & support for trans people.

Proclaim that trans people suffer greater abuse and violence than any other demographic. Proclaim this while advocating for natal males to engage in “sport” against women, some of whom take pleasure in hurting women.

Proclaim that the only way to show that “black lives matter” is to sign on with #BlackLivesMatter, which advocates for defunding the police, “disrupting the…nuclear family structure,” etc, which have nothing to do with black lives mattering.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” reminds us that genuflecting before false gods is a road to hell. You may think that you are signing up for social justice, an end to oppression, a veritable utopia, but no. They will come for you, too.

Cede small points, and they will expect you to cede more. Apologize for things you did not do, and you will be held accountable for those things, and more.

Do not accept the horse at the gates.



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