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I think my wife is a reptilian

Been together for a very long time and noticed some strangeness over the years.

First time i was going down on her and i happened to look up at her and seen her eyes looked freaky like slits and her face looked different, she immediately lowered her head back back on to the pillow and i continued doing what i was doing all the while thinking what the fuck just happened.

I put it down to i was probably just seeing things , the room was a little dark , i was looking from an usual angle .....blah blah blah.

But then i started to notice other things like her eyes change and become snake like when she is caught out lying or doing something wrong and let me tell you this woman lies about everything and apart from that she is the most self centered person i have ever known.

Im not sure if these character traits are from her alcoholism but one thing i am dam sure of is that alcohol cannot make your eyes change.

anybody else had similar experiences with friends or family ? or should i consider myself insane.



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