SchrodingersDick #wingnut #sexist

Soo... they admit that getting girls into colleges and careers is all part of a ploy to lower birth rates.. not because they’re such great brilliant minds that the workforce is missing on

I read a similar article. Somewhere in the suggestions for action against climate change, they had “shift away from GRP growth and into sustainability and addressing inequality”


nigger.. what the fuck does equality have to do with climate change? They’re trying to cram all their pet ideologies into eachother and package it as one big thing so they can feel really good about themselves like they did something to help the poor downtrodden folks they identify with

Revolutionary #1: “hey what activism did u do today?”

Revolutionary #2: “oh bro I smashed capitalism and inequality that disproportionately affects communities of color because muh evil white man. I wrote an article about climate change and In it I mentioned how we need to smash inequality. Im a noble revolutionary! I’m like Che Guevara bro!”



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