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It's fucked up how men are mocked/their opinion instantly discounted/are disrespected by women if they don't have a porn dick, yet...

...women can have any size boobs and they are supposed to be worshipped. A typical example you can see in porn, both 'professional' and arguably more noticeably, in amateur (since in 'pro' porn, you can at least argue that the women are just shooting with guys they're paired with). You can look at pro-porn - you have loads of women who range from 4'8 to 5'2 height wise (i.e. femlets) with often A or B-cup boobs. I'm not going to write examples since I don't want to promote them, but I think we all know - these are primarily Asian, but also white & Hispanic women. In porn though, these women will never be paired with a guy less than around 7.5 inches - in extreme cases, you're talking 10 or perhaps more. Why is men's value in porn based PURELY on the size of their dick, whereas women can have small boobs and still be considered 'attractive'? So why do women in the bottom 1% of terms of size, feel that they are too good for 99% of men? Far too many women from the bottom 1% will demand guys that are way above average in terms of dick size, despite the women themselves being below average in terms of both height and boob size

Likewise, in amateur porn this is arguably even more apparent, since the women are choosing the guys they shoot with - again, pretty much 90% of women will openly shit on men unless they have a huge dick. Again, it's a kind of 90:10 rule - whereby 90% of men are happy with women's boob size (even if they are way below average), whereas many women view only 10% (or realistically, if they want porn dicks, <1%) of men to be good enough

And this isn't just about porn - women will instantly put down/not take the opinion of someone they consider to be 'inferior' seriously. I think this is why women care about 'social justice' for groups like blacks and not about others (Asians, Indians, Hispanics etc) - since they assume the penis size stereotypes (which, according to studies, allegedly aren't true) and therefore have the link "black = big dick = 'real man' = I'll listen, compared with e.g. Asian = small dick = loser/virgin/incel = I don't care/won't listen".

And it's like, I'm not even small - that's kind of the fucked-up thing. I'm 6.5, which is allegedly a bit above average...but the average men are expected to meet is some thing as thick as your wrist and long as your arm. That's why I empathise with ER...afterall, if you have a 4 inch dick as he seemed to admit, you'll not only never be able to satisfy women (who demand 8 inches), but they'll fundamentally never view you as a man. In 2020, I feel like 7 inches is the absolute minimum for many women to respect you, as a man.

Can you imagine if men had this attitude towards women - imagine a man in parliament saying "bitch, your boobs aren't GG, I don't care about your opinion" and all the men coming together to silence her. Yet, that is the attitude of women towards men...



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