Thomas Fleming #fundie #racist #conspiracy

"...Still, putting the two facts together--the drunk defense and his conspiracy theory--Gibson is clearly what the Abe Foxman and Norm Podhoretz would call an anti-Semite. However, we Christians do not have to accept their opinion, which is deliberately crafted to suggest that most Christians throughout history are classic anti-Semites on par with Heinrich Himmler. Liking or disliking the Jews one meets--or even liking or disliking them generally--is a matter of taste, preference, and upbringing. Most serious Christians, as a matter of preference and conviction, would rather spend time with other Christians. There would be something wrong with them if they did not--much as there is something with a husband who prefers to spend time with women other than his wife. It is hard enough for Baptists to tolerate Lutherans and a bit too much to insist that they become matey with Jews who often despise their religion and their way of life

Theories of history are matters of fact and reason. The fact that so many troublemakers of the past 150 years have been of Jewish extraction--Marx, Freud, the Neoconservatives--is certainly no argument in their favor. Jewish "intellectuals" continue to be in the forefront of the movements that aim to destroy our religion and culture."



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