@DragonKitigan #transphobia #pratt gettr.com

Yeah, & I have many reactions to you, a straight woman, helping to destroy women’s rights, & sterilizing kids, you groomer! Thanks for helping women incarcerated to get raped, by men pretending to be women. Thanks for spurning a generation of people who will never have kids if they want them, & never have satisfying sexual relations. It’s going to lead to whole swath of very angry people once they realized they were groomed into this noncery. Giving puberty blockers to kids is a child pervert’s dream. They can keep their victims in a permanent child like state. I absolutely hate everything you do, Strangio. So, fuck off. Fuck off for good. No real gay man wants you. You don’t have “the goods”, & you never will. Deal! Take your stupid looking pornstache & shove it.

Bloody fucking Hell!



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