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There are new women’s & LGB organizations being created now because the ones we built in the past are captured because money I guess.

We are in many ways back to ground zero.

We may need to create private womens groups, clubs, sports leagues.

Hell I’d be all for declaring radical feminism a religion with Diana as our diety. A tiny church in malls etc (aka a male free bathroom). Larger ones in each town (bathrooms, changing rooms, gyms, therapy center, maybe a restaurant & bar etc) with a nice little altar to Diana where you can light a candle.

We aren’t there yet but if we have to we need to think creatively to get away from male perversity.

"It's against my religion to call a man "she" and against my religion to have XY DNA in any private space where he is not a relative or a man of my choosing." I THOUGHT that already existed for Muslim women -- still waiting for major court cases where Muslim women have been in the ladies area and removed their veils only for a troon to have seen their faces. I've been close to women who wear the niqab, and when it's just females, off it comes and we chat, and the moment a male appears, on it goes. Surely a woman who wears the niqab in Britain has had a troon encounter by now. Need a brave woman to report it.

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She's not wrong.

Satan is behind gender mutilation of children.

Satan loves abortion.

Satan loves the destruction of our schools where he has free reign.

Churches have been infiltrated. @EnjoyTheD

MTG is absolutely right. The same church leadership that is too weak to speak out against homosexuality, child trafficking, CRT and gender brainwashing of elementary school students is too weak to oppose our country being overrun by invaders. Look at the damage the churches that brought Somali refugees to the Minneapolis area have caused.

Satanist butchered the Bible . 700 stories they chose 60 to edit modify and fit there agendas . shame they forgot to take the flat earth out before nasa spun there ball earth in 1583 by pope 3rd . the year after they made the cagorian callender . Its God's Earth . a clue is in one Religon called the ROMAN catholic church . then jesuits invaded it in 1841 . became a child abusing Nazi cult run by a Jesuit freak in red shoes

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Love that I can post memes like this here.

Person receiving vaccination: what side effects can I expect?
Person giving the vaccination: World depopulation

Their goal: Maintain Humanity under 500.000.000 in perpetual balance with nature
Theor tools: chemtrails, weather mdofication, war, poison in the food, junk food, GMO’s, flouride in the water, vaccines, drugs, white vs. black, false flags, 5G, Hunger, Mainstream Media, Entertaining Industry

Trump won the election
Babbitt was murdered
McAfee didn't commit suicide
Covid came from a lab
Fauci knew
Hydroxychloroquine worked
Biden has dementia
People are dying from the shot
Hillary Clinton is a killer
Masks are irrelevant
It came from China
BLM are terrorists

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Confused? Here's the quick down & dirty:

- TRANSWOMEN (deranged MEN) victimize WOMEN and CHILDREN, often through sexual assault

- TRANSMEN (deranged WOMEN) victimize CHILDREN through the schools, post-transition pregnancy & indoctrination

That's muh TedTalk. Thanks you.

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( @ProudNavyVet )
Remember this:
Inflation, food shortages, economy flat, higher interest rates.
All made to hurt we Americans. This is planned people!!! Wait until the recession hits and people can’t affords the iver priced homes they bought!!! It is inly going to get worse with the Communist Demoncrats!!!

It will be much worse than the obama years. & it's all on PURPOSE

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(@AthenasWrench )
Thanks as always. I’m so f**king mad by this. Every single time these men who hate us get to set policy that destroys women. Trans is a hate movement. It’s pure hatred to put rapists in womens prisons. Why the f**k does a pronoun means more than any woman? Why are their assumed identities protected? Trans need to be recognized as a hate movement.

They are nothing but filthy, dangerous predators, and shame on the utter fuckwits who collude with them, give them power and ball palm them.

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The ultimate goal of the Trans Deception? The elimination of women from any position of power or influence in society, and relegating them to sexual submission and servitude. Women in marriage will be replaced by AI robots. Ultimately, real women will be relegated to being sexual abused via KINK and Bondage, then used for spare parts and cloning.

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This guy got kicked out of his masters in psychology and a child hotline for having safeguarding concerns re: transing children. He buys into "trutrans" though, so if this guy got kicked out, what hope is there for counselors who are truly gender critical?

Why is there so many people in psychology who buy into the tru trans BS? How would anyone ever know to tell the difference in a scientific way? Just some cases seem more believable to him than others? That's not science!

Many people can't stand men being denied anything they want and if some men are willing to whine and whine and whine and make everybody else around them miserable, those people decide that the easiest thing to do is give those men what they want.

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There is no surgery which changes a person's sex. WHY doesn't everyone know that? They use these misleading terms like "sex change surgery" -- there isn't such a surgery! Humans cannot change sex.
"Do you think people who have extreme cosmetic surgery should be granted legal documents which uphold their DELUSIONS of being the opposite sex?" Word the question THAT WAY.

If they could actually change someone's sex with surgery, then at least we'd have something to discuss the ethics of. As is, all they can do is take away your sexual function and replace it with a high likelihood of pissing through a catheter and shitting in a bag the rest of your life.

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Theory: gender-confused people go militant when things start going wrong with their body.

Their misogyny is really inner rage at themselves, directed at an external target...because they can't bear the fact that their twice-a-day-dilated neo-vagina doesn't work as advertised.


Yes. It has occurred to me that if someone underwent the pain and hormonal trauma of cutting off testicles and inverting the penis, then found they really didn’t look like a woman, and had to dilate painfully many times a day, and risked or experienced disruptive and unpleasant urinary tract symptoms, deep despair and overwhelming anger at women who had ‘needed’ to do none of this would result. Depression, particularly in men, can present as aggression. I am sorry for youngsters who were stupid enough to fall for the lies of the medics about the capacity of surgery and hormones to effect real change. Their anger is misplaced and we women shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of it. Please lock up the doctors to stop this.

Transmen have internalised misogyny, transwomen are just misogynists. Makes sense women bear the brunt and get all the shit, for just existing.

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spoilerDescription: a Drawing with the word "children of the Qorn", depicting a schoolscene with the children all uniform with trans-flag-coloured hair, a trans-flag hanging and the teachers being the gender-unicorn and the gender bread man. The gender-unicorn thinks of "egg-cracking". Above the Blackboard is the acronym "TQIP2SAA+" and on the blackboard is the word "pronouns" written as well as and the acronym "LGB" and the symbols for male and female stricken through

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The mentally ill #buckangel contributing to the lie that is gender dysphoria is not curable but science says it is!
I was suicidal and I couldn't do anything anymore with my life anymore because I was a trans "men" and had gender dysphoria, But thank god I didn't know about this made up lie or I would have believed it and kill myself or cut off my boobs and uterus, Buck is not helper of gender criticals or to lesbians like me, she uses fake facts to justify her fetish and trauma hurting other girls while pretending to be a "good trans" but there no good trans its just a illness

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She says she’s honest about who she is, but she clearly isn’t. She’s a woman with a frog voice and messed up internal organs. She’s not "living as a man" since there’s not such thing

Does all the hardcore porn help her "live at peace" too? I would think that would traumatize a woman.

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Kansas lawmaker expressed discomfort with 'huge' transgender colleague in women's restrooms

When complaining to the manager about males in our sex-segregated spaces it is important to use appropriate language. I’m partial to “enormous Hulk-looking male” because TIM’s gender feelz shrivel at the sound of the reality they’re trying to escape.
Kudos to this Kansas TERF.

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Absolutely terrible 👇
Greens council candidate says women should ask trans people where to buy 'black market' HRT drugs

If men like you stopped stealing what’s for actual women we would not have this situation. No women are “cis” and you are very very clearly a man, Heather.

The only reason there is a "Black Market" for HRT is because male twanny genders and the non binaries have depleted the supply of HRT for women.
Trans. What. The. Fuck. Evers. (vestite, sexual, gender Female impersonators, drag queens) are all the same thing; they are Men with a fetish for the female body. They are making a mocking parody of women and womanhood.
ENOUGH!!! I say, ENOUGH of men abusing women. ENOUGH of men depleting the already scarce resources for women's health and safety. GET THE FUCK OUT OF WOMANHOOD!!!!!!!

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(@SonofLiberty357 )
I am a man. There are a lot of things I can do. However, I can’t menstruate, get pregnant, give birth or breast feed. Neither can all the ‘pretend’ women. Time to get real.

Pretend women cannot get a Pap test, because….um, oh yea, they don’t have a fucking vagina, cervix, Fallopian tubes, or a womb. I am a woman, and I have all of the above, and more.

Wish men would learn how to "do" man well and stop thinking they can do better by being a pretend woman

Damn skippy! The pretend women have cells, every cell in their bodies that are male. A comment made to me recently, "when an archaeologist comes along in 200 years and digs them, they will be identified as male." True. As a woman, I find the pretend women extremely offensive.

These people got lost in the imaginary world and never matured into adulthood. And they want the rest of real world adults to acknowledge them or they throw fits like the children they are. But if we allow them their fantasy we put chuldren at rusk, period.

This entire topic is rediculous. You either are a man or a woman. No matter how you try to reconfigure your body you are still the sex you were born.

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Why is everyone still talking about “gender dysphoria” when TRAs claim that many ppl claiming synthetic sex identities have no dysphoria. In other words drugs & surgeries to alter the appearance of human genitals are now “self-expression.”
How quickly that needle moved.