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We need gender segregation tbh

We need this as a species what have we started war's over why ? for whom have we made to give all thing's unto ? women whole socitite's die and fall for the pussy let's be honest what is the purpose given in most religion's ? women food and sex these merely carnal thing's are the reason mankind belive's in allha Odin zues if you believe in allha without the pragmatic promise of 72 virgins you are retarded and i genuinely mean that that being said are you starting to see my issue with women what they cause ?.

One good example of women causing the worst in mankind is the creation well war's we go to war for the promise more women throughout history let's be honest that is the blessed hope of most men to be honest

So why should we be segregated 1 it solve's the whole rivalry for a mate that is a huge problem in modern society it create's loser's and victor's fuck that that solve's problem a problem b it solve's the whole social conditioning problem as women fall in line twice as fast as men while men fight against every form of social conditioning on every level's over overwhelmingly men are at the fore fronts of the freedom movement women vote twice as much socialist than men you starting to see the issue here.

so what would be the solution a artificial womb's that solve's the birthing problem and 2 we would have culture that serve's the creation mandate which is to dominate the earth and help maintain and improve condition's for everyone that is the solution for mankind as imager's of the creator it is our mandate to reproduce and dominate creation.

This should be out goal i hate women i want nothing to do with women i want a society where i could live with my fellow brother fulfilling the creation mandate off-course sex is a need so we would have sedative's that kill the want for such an act to begin with think of it like soma from brave new world it give's the good effect's without the whole totalitarian shit added to it it just give's you the positive's.



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