teamo2michica #sexist

I tried to kms in the beginning of february, but by mere chance survived. You just have to stop internalizing things.

Women are why ur life sucks, so just hate women. It's simple as.

Feeling sad and tired of life is for pussies who internalize, what you should do instead is strive to looksmaxx and become a chad so that you can later punish holes for what they've done to you earlier.

Just Hate Women theory

I can’t change my height bro, it’s over regardless of everything else. Sometimes I wish I had actually done it, I was at my lowest point, it was a good time to do it.

even if it really is over, you gotta find ways to punish women other than sexually. You could try careermaxxing and fuck women over, you can try lawyermaxxing and purposely tank female clients, you can do so many things to make holes cry, the possibilities really are endless if you look into it

And how exactly is this going to make me happy? I just want to be happy.

I don’t really care about punishing them, That won’t change the fact the I’m an incel.

Punishing them will most likely make you happy.

Just how beating up an old bully would make most people happy



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