ReturnOfSaddam & slavcel11 #transphobia

More reddit trannies - Genuinely can't tell which is supposed to be the before photo


WHY do people do this to themselves. They think their situation is going to be improved by becoming even more of an androgynous freak. Reading /r/MtF now. These grotesque freaks are literally complaining about getting hit on, as if that's EVER happened in their life.

maybe, he wanted to be valued and praised like how a female would be in modern society because like us he was shunned for being ugly so he tried to become one. No wonder why transfags try to target lonely guys like us.

They target us because they used to be guys like us. There's a good reason why IncelTears has so many trannies and other bottom tier degenerates, they just look at us as the next lowest level to target.


This guy is from r/MTF he really think that he's gonna pass as a woman jfl


This is so sad that I don't even want to laugh at him. Ugly, old, worthless man fed up with his meaningless existence decided to make himself significant at the verge of his life by turning into a woman. If only he succeeded, but well. Unironically looks a bit better. But still it's fucking disgusting, like seriously what was his plan?



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