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RE: Goldman Sachs will no longer take a company public if its directors are all white, straight men


'Goldman Sachs acknowledged that “diversity” has other meanings around the world — including in Asia, where racial dynamics are different and gender disparities are sometimes even more glaring. The company said in a statement Friday that it intends to eventually expand its board-diversity mandate beyond the U.S. and Europe.'

In other words this rule is designed to attack Westerners, not promote equality dogma since they are protecting Asia from it (despite being even more patriarchal and racially homogeneous), just as we see with Climate Change--Asian business and industry is protected from climate change policies despite being greater polluters.

Hearst publishing is supposedly still owned by the family but the CEO is a Jew and they publish Oprah magazine.
Even the ones that are ostensibly non-jewish have to follow the rules.

At least eventually it does all fall apart from its craziness.

The parasite can never be the host.
The host needs to do a better job guarding against parasites though.

Ensuring media ownership and decisions in a society are reflecting demographic heritage of the majority should have been a no-brainer law.

(Huginn ok Muninn)

This is one of the most profound ways Jewish supremacy affects the rest of us. They really DO control who gets rich and powerful. Thats why Jews Sergey Brin and Larry Allen got the nod with Google and Jew Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook got his IPO. The ultimate powers behind investment banks would not allow non-Jews any power in media fields.

When you ARE a public company with your billions in stock, you had better behave as they want you to behave as well, or nasty things might start happening in the markets...



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