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Cultural Marxism is finally finishing off the Christian paradigm that existed in the United States for hundreds of years. The German philosophers destroyed the Christian paradigm in Europe and brought this nihilism to America to destroy the two things that made us independent and free: Family and Christianity.

This is intentional to kill America. We will cease being good and exceptional and evolve into the pagan, atheists hell on earth. The Weimar Republic was an example of this orgastic homosexualism that led to the SS troops and the brutality that can only emanate from godless, immorality—homosexuality.

It was the pagan paradigm in Greek and Rome that led to rampant pederasty and second class citizenship for women and slavery.

It is evil, plain and simple, and I thank God my son got out before that Marxist-in Chief took office. Godless atheists all out to destroy this country and create a one-world-government utopia (for only those ruling elite few, of course). The stupid useful idiots will all be serfs.

How I loved our military and Patton. My father was in WWII, my brothers in Vietnam and son in Afghanistan. My 2nd cousin fought with Patton. I spit on that Marxist in Chief. They are ruining a moral military—one which has surpassed all other militaries because of the Christianity that dominated. Patton was made ill by the atheist Russian military and the Odin-worshipping homosexual SS troops who used boys in the Hitler Youth. I won’t even get into the Greek pederasty and initiating young boys into their homosexual military. Absolutely sick, evil cultures.



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