throwitaway3343 #fundie

Why do racist white people have weird inhuman facial behaviours and voice?

They tend to be possessed by the devil in how their facial expressions are produced for lack of better phrasing. A constant aggressive and devil like behaviour. Follows heavily with how hollywood people talk in movies... but they take it into real life because they are idol worshippers and don't have an internal core. A shell less husk is what they embody.

If you look at them they tend to do weird shit like their eyes will randomly widen for no reason while expressing something.. like they saw a ghost or are feeling like the devil. I've never seen this in anyone that isn't white or white washed. They also will randomly do shit thats off beat or unhuman. Like they will randomly loudly accentuate words, make random sounds.

Thoughts on why this is? Even the Russians don't do this, Mexicans, blacks. Only the western whites or white washed have such randomly aggressive, inhuman rhythms.... trump has the weirdest and most amount of random ticks and speech patterns.



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