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I do think the most dangerous place to be on the 6th is DC. Notwithstanding which, if I could figure out HOW I’d be there. But here’s the thing, particularly if we have a strong showing on the 6th… The left is already jumpy, and they will lose what remains of their tiny minds.

The thing in Nashville, yeah, maybe it was a Covid suicide, but…. But it stinks to high heavens, including positioning the mobile home exactly where it should be to take out phone and internet. Perhaps it was a test run, as well as anything else. We know we can’t trust our secret services.

So, what if they take out all phone and internet on the 6th, and then claim this was Trump supporters, and that Trump is trying to effect a revolution, and they send out people to arrest all known/prominent Trump supporters (Note this probably won’t get to my level. It MIGHT, but probably won’t.)

And then in three days internet is restored, and the phone, and the story is set of the failed Trump coup. Which, of course, allows them to move on with their political cleansing program “completely justified”? No, I don’t think any of that will work. I think if they try it, the mess resulting will probably blow against them.

But I also can see them thinking this is a viable plan. Look, they live in stories, mostly Hollywood movies. They couldn’t find reality with two hands and a seeing eye dog. And yes, they’re stupid enough to try this. Coincidentally, and I don’t think on purpose by anyone human, the 6th is the feast of the epiphany, which makes me feel there’s more at work.



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