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[It's Over] Chad is inherently worthy

I was thinking about this last night. Even if I do ascend, a woman will never want me for who I am, just for what I possess. Just think about it, back when I used to browse r/relationship_advice a lot of women there had problems with their bfs because they were unemployed and playing videogames all day, yet they still had a gf that wanted things to work out. As an incel, you're expected to jump through a hoop on fire, land in one hand and then juggle 5 balls with your feet, just so that you can get a crumb of women's attention. Is that really love? It doesn't seem as pure as the one Chad gets, it seems more like a transaction. While Chad is inherently worthy of women's love, we have to prove ourselves and work really hard, so that we are then valued based on our material possessions. And even if you do the whole mating ritual circus performance, you may still not get any this days. This whole thing is very depressing because I realize now that no matter what I do, a woman will never genuinely love me.



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