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Alrighty then, we're reaching the end of October and Halloween is just coming around the corner. But, I'm not looking forward to that, cos I hate Halloween so flipping much.

And some of you reading this will be like "But what's wrong with Halloween?!" or "Its just Trick or Treating, collecting candy and dressing up and nothing more!", or like "Its just a holiday, get a grip!"; hold the brakes. Here is the reason why Halloween is bad, and why I detest the occasion:

The reason that makes Halloween such a bad occasion is because of its demonic origins, that promote all manner of demonic elements, such as witches, sorcery, occultism, and some many more. And even the Bible clearly gave a solid warning against witchcraft (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 19:31; Leviticus 20:6, 27). It may surprise you that witches (even during that day) gather to hurl all manner of demonic cants (Yes, witches are existing in our time, no kid). You even see these satanic themes promoted in cartoons, animes, TV series as well as films; among those in particular, is the popular book series (that later became a booming film franchise containing about 7-8 films) Harry Potter. The worst part about it is like the whole world (even some of todays Christians) are actually buying into that without even minding the spiritual consequences behind it, its like, taking an item so bad without looking at the price tag.

Please have a look at David J. Meyer's testimony for more information on this (its an eye-opener): www.lasttrumpetministries.org/tracts/tract7.html

And of course, I'm not forcing you, but I'm telling you the Truth: Halloween is bad.

People, the devil is out to kill, steal, and destroy, and we need to keep our eyes open, and be watchful at all times. Do not be deceived. Cling on to Jesus Christ. And also, as Christians we should tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ.



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