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RE: ‘Big Brother’ Star Tiffany Mitchell Says It’s Not Her Job to Explain to Fans Why Her All-Black Alliance Wasn’t Racist

You just can't win with Negroes in these matters. You are a de facto racist just for being white but blacks can openly practice racism all they want because with them, it isn't really racism.


“It is unfortunate that they don’t see the bigger picture. Unity is welcomed in all other communities and cultures when people come together except for in the African-American culture.”

Negro Logic.™

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me. Blacks coming together is all we hear about nowadays. Now whites coming together? RACIST! WHITE SUPREMACIST! CANCEL THEM! KILL THEM!

For those scratching their heads wondering what the background to this story is, check out Big Bruthah’s Group Evolutionary Strategy, by Travis LeBlanc, over at Counter-Currents.

"Big Brother announced their cast for Season 23. There are 16 housemates, and six of them are black. Guess what happened next? If you guessed that the six black contestants formed an alliance in order to vote off all the non-black contestants so as to guarantee that a black person would win the season, then you guessed correctly."

Basically our enemies have the correct response to being called ‘racist’ and we don’t.

‘Who cares’? And ‘not my problem’ are the response whites should have used back in the ‘50s and ‘60s when we were being called racist.

If someone calls me ‘racist’ they have declared themselves to be my enemy therefore what they think is irrelevant. We also see someone even denying the existence of ‘reverse racism’ when in fact if is ‘racism’ itself that doesn’t exist. The concept of ‘racism’ is just a scam to get white people to share their civilization with non-whites. The failure to recognize this scam/attack against will lead to our downfall.

Making laws to prove we aren’t ‘racist’ should have never been an option.



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