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( Bubsy3D )
Pushing back on genderist language. I mean all of it


So to return to the beginning, gender fetishists do not use a pronouns, they demand others to use a pronouns, and that's how we should talk about it.

They do not identify as man/woman/enby, nor do they think that they're one. If they really thought that they're the opposite sex, having their sex correctly identified would be met with genuine confusion and not rage. So in reality they demand other people to pretend that they're man/woman/enby.

It is NOT about "who they are". It's just stealing the narrative of LGB. Trans identity literally, directly requires participation of the other people. If people don't believe in their bs, they feel like they stop existing.

[...] I'd really like to see GC not use genderist language. If you have any more suggestions on how to reframe their concepts or suggest concepts for discussion, I'd love to hear it, because I'm too tired to cover the entire thing. Like should we call genderism a cult? A religion? A front?

( Unicorn )
I had a silly shower thought of TERFs taking back the term "misgender."

Someone calling Jessica Johathan Yaniv a woman? That's misgendering; he's a man who identifies as a transwoman.

Someone calling Buck Angel a man? That's some serious misgendering right there, she's a woman who identifies as a transman.

I'm so curious what would happen if this was attempted. Let's start confusing everybody, just like TRAs do when they misuse sex and gender! Remember, according to trans activists, words have no meaning!

( WatcherattheGates )
I have dropped the word "gender" almost entirely from my vocabulary. I talk about biological sex, and I talk about societally-imposed sex roles, sex norms, and sex expectations.

( Opals )
I don’t use ‘trans woman’, etc. They are ‘men who wish that they were women’ and so on

( RuneOwl )
I like “men who identify as transwomen”, it really gets to the point but also doesn’t confuse the average person by introducing new terms. I want them to start associating “transwoman” with man, because that’s the word they’ll most often be hearing.

( RusticTroglodyte )
I refuse to use "transwomen" unless I'm being sarcastic in reply to a TRA. I refer to them as trans identified males, men LARPing as women, etc



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