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RE: Do you think feminism should still be alive in today’s world ?

The foundational principles of all flavours of feminism (class warfare between men and women with men winning, shorthanded as "Patriarchy") are inherrently anti-male when you examine what needs to be true for it to accurately describe reality. Feminists can claim that it's "just about equality", but it's equality based on bigotted assumptions, presuming psychopathy on the part of men as a class.

As for the world of yesteryear, feminism's first big act was one of supremacy, the creation of a two tier citizenship where one class got citizenship rights (the vote) without the responsibility of civil and military conscription, while the other class' citizenship rights were contingent on their conscription. The Declaration of sentiments says "The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her."

Egalitarian values are innately anti-feminist.


Anyone who promotes gender equality must oppose the advantaging women as feminism promotes. It’s amazing more people don’t understand this fact.

That's because feminism lies and gaslights people.

They start it at very young and impressionable age. (preteen boys and girls)...

In that respect, feminism is behaving similar to how religion behaved for thousands of years..

Cook up lies based on murky details.. Teach those lies to preteen kids. And shame and cancel those who question your views.. (Call them blasphemer='mysogynist')

Even Galileo wasn't spared by the church.
His crime? He spoke the truth.

Feminism even invented its own little satan - patriarchy.



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