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[Discussion] How does one enjoy life as a subhuman?

When I glance at inceltear profiles and those who mock us, I cannot help but feel a slight sense of amusement. It is not uncommon to discover the vitriol and virtues thrown our way tend to come from those who are, well, unfortunate looking themselves. Many are just plain ugly if I am being 'tbh' about it. What is even more fascinating isn't just the fact that they're ugly, but also their ability to cope with their ugliness. They don't seem at all bothered over how ugly they are. Some even tell themselves that they are beautiful. Obviously, I cannot do this. My mind simply does not operate this way. Whenever I decide to leave the confines of my cell, I am bombarded with tension and sexual competition. I am very aware of my attraction to females, the men whom I am in competition with, their frame, size, aesthetics. I cannot help but compare myself. I cannot help but observe how women behave around different types of males. They are sweet and gregarious to one stranger, yet ice cold and rude to another, and the biggest cause for this disparity always appeared to be over looks.

I see this all the time. Ugly men who simply go about their miserable lives quietly into the night or are fiercely jestermaxxing. How do people cope with their subhumanity?



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