To koniec #racist #sexist

Did you had phase about your countryfoids?

In my country in past many men simped for women saying that 'polish women are most beautiful in the world' now after iron curtain fell many men learned that they were disillusioned by such statements and now after feminism wave and seeing how easy polish cumdumpsters are for foreigners they have even slurs for them like p0lka - polish girl written by zero ,similiar to russian natashka

i seen 'maybe' something similiar with other nations countries, races. South slavic men simp for their foids, black men especially either simp for sheboons or detest them, in shitholes like albania or iran, pakistan saw something similiar. I guess lurking on chinese, japanese nets saw something that japanese, chinese noodlewhores are better than white women.

It's always shithole countries which have no self worth other than their cumdumpsters and never seen succesfull nations like US or bongs who do this. They are smart and say that their foids are ugly like british women while they prioretize their men.

i think all poor european countries have this retarded cope, they are really fucking stupid and xenophilic, they literally sit there and grin like submissive monkeys while a black soccer player takes the microphone, and has nothing to say about the country except that the local women are so beautiful, implying that he is fucking them, JFL

tell us more how you'z be fukkin local women, tyrone, damn we're the best :D

polaks used to be this, but i guess biggest foid nationalism right now in yurop are balkans

worst of worst are south slavs saying that slavic women are most beautiful while what westerners think of slav women they think of blue eyed blonde stacies from russia



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