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RE: They murdered my grandbaby 😭😭

So sorry for your loss. Abortions really can destroy families and those seeking them don't seem to care about how it will make their families feel.

My wife's sister killed her niece or nephew with an abortion. Their relationship basically broke down at that point and now they haven't spoken in more than three years.

Sadly the culture today tilts so heavily towards self gratification rather than taking responsibility and it seems to have influenced your daughters.

our culture is so fixated with sex being as casual as possible with little consequence or responsibility

Also I forgot to say this, as for your younger kids since you’re concerned about their morals. May I suggest having them volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center or some other pro life charity to show them what choosing life is and to get them better educated on what the “choice” is and what the baby looked like. They could also possibly learn there that a baby isn’t the end of the world and you can be an excellent mother and have a career and education. Maybe take them to the local march for life if your area has one.

I wish you well, your not being backward or controlling your going to your morals and that’s what a family should be about good morals, I wish that person who did it to come back and say “l regret it”. I wish you to get better and we are all here to support you, this is why I’m against abortion it doesn’t just hurt the person doing the abortion it hurts others too it has a ripple effect. Wishing you well from U.K.

If that was me I would of left my GF instantly

I don’t know what to say other than I’m really sorry. It’s hard enough finding out that some random woman you’ve never met is considering abortion, never mind your own child. Your daughter is lucky that she had someone so willing to help. There are countless girls in her situation who choose abortion because everyone turns their back to her and her child.

You have not been forsaken. This is a horrible way to find out that your family doesn’t share your values. Pray for them and your unborn grandchild. I will pray for your family.

I would first checkout the kind of education your children are getting. Already brainwashed to see it as a "choice".



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