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[RageFuel] I'm gonna be honest here, I'd rather be volcel than fuck a non-virgin. It is quite literally the ultimate cuck.

t's not like I ever stood a chance anyways, so technically I'm not volcel.

But think about this in a clear picture, if you ever get the chance to date a girl who already fucked a dude, chances are that she's thinking about him, especially if your dick is smaller, if you're shorter, if you're poorer, and if you're worse looking than the last guy she dated. Not only that, if you have sex with her, you are actively agreeing to fuck a hole that her last boyfriend (and most likely 10+ more) already came in or at least stuck their dick in. When you are kissing her, you are kissing where another man's cum was, and that's fucking nasty. Would you buy a used fleshlight even though it's thoroughly cleaned? Not me, lmao.

Not to mention, YOU aren't the one to take her virginity and SHE already had partners, so the "emotional connection" here is meaningless and nonexistent. Knowing itself that you aren't her first is one of the most painful things to deal with. Knowing that she had a guy in her life who pleased her more than you ever will, and despite knowing this and sticking with it, is the ultimate cuck.



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