@DarmokAndJalad #transphobia gettr.com


One of the most horrifying ones I have covered.

Brought to you by the malfeasant medical industry, TQIA-Tryhards, Shemale Porn deluded Soyboys, and the Tranny Handmaidens "preventing" kid's suicides on a school board near you.

You can see Reddit groom teens into the trans cult, and that was before mods were caught out literally grooming kids, bragging about giving them hormones. Reddit admins permanently ban users who talk about the transmarketing agenda/funders/and medical malfeasance. There is also no place where you can exclude trans from discussion without admins closing the subreddit. They're even in the women's specific health disorder boards.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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