Various Incels #sexist #racist

[Brutal] [Monkeypill] Indonesian men are so low-value they pay to fuck Orangutans

Orangutan sex slave screamed when former captor visited her

Pony the orangutan was terrified when the woman who ran the 'brothel' where she was kept came to visit her in an Indonesian conservation centre.

Let's be honest here, a shaved Orangutan wearing perfume and makeup is the looksmatch of a generic Indonesian man

I can't believe that there are actually humans, who would fuck an ape?!

this is what happens when you disproportionately breed low-value men and abort females in these societies

>cumskins go to SEA and steal deathnic women
>cumskins wondering why deathnics fuck animals
Are you guys mentally reverted?

Sometimes I can't believe I am one gender with those people. Desperate men will fuck anything that looks even remotely humanoid. Why did I even read this.

Just lol at ethnics.

Truely disgusting shit. I have more compassion to the orangutans than foids in sexual slavery.

(Transcended Trucel)
Insanely low inhib. Mans horniness knows no limits

I can't believe that there are actually humans, who would fuck an ape?!

Yes, there are men who fuck cars, who castarate themselves, fap to stuffing shit down their throat. Coomerdom knows no limits

Are they even more low inhib than some foids?

Yes many furries have extreme fucked body mutilation fetishes



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