Various Incels #pratt #sexist

In response to: “WAh INKwelS HATe WoMEN FoR SIMPlY EXisTINg!!1”

it’s like saying we hate covid19 for simply existing it’s an infection to this whole earth and makes our lives worse, just like whores do. But I guess we hate it because it “simply exists” Jfl, yeah, we totally hate them because they exist. Not because they are hypergamous, petty, and rude as fuck to ugly males. They never bring up that whores hate ugly/short males for simply existing


I am free to hate whoever I want. The anti white and anti male hatred which is normalized justifies my hatred of other races and the opposite sex.

I was a teacher for a short stint. You know how parents defend their little angels no matter what horror the kids commit. A married couple once told me about their nightmarish daughter who drew blood attacking other kids that it was "a phase kids grow out of." Or dog owners whose violent animals finally kill someone. Instead of apologizing, they offer excuses. People will defend the hurtful behavior of those they care for. It's up to the rest of us to defend ourselves. First we need legal help getting the law to recognize our rights. As men, we already enjoy no gender-bias anti-discrimination protections. As incels, EVERYONE hates us. If we don't start sticking up for our group and for our rights, things will only get worse for us.

They are aware of what hypocrite soulless scum they are. They simply don't want to admit it because it doesn’t benefit them. They don't want their privileges removed, specially the privilege of getting away with treating ugly men like shit, because they enjoy it. Thanks to soycucks and normietards, they have no reason to be honest or nice ever, since SOYciety not only tolerates their misandry and dishonest, they also praise it. They literally can get away with making men kill themselves due to false rape allegations, and spoiler, it already happened.



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