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[Discussion] Should it be legal to pay a poor couple to make a baby girl for you?

Should incels be allowed to do this?
Yes Votes: 13 68.4%
No Votes: 6 31.6%
Partial support / only with some restrctions (explain) Votes: 0 0.0%

Basically the idea here is that you would be the stepfather to her and she would grow up to become your wife.

To help get it through some of your utter dwarf skulls, let's just pretend you have to wait until she's 18 to have sex with her.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to promote illegal activity. This is a fantasy scenario and not a reliable method in the real world because:

1) You'd probably be arrested for "human trafficking" or some shit if you don't go through the current adoption system.
2) There may be limits on single male adoption or not allowed at all.
3) Soyciety is not okay with incels doing something like this. So even if you successfully adopt a young girl that was made for you, they would try to stop you with other legal hurdles ("grooming", child abuse, etc.)

Note to potential fantasy killers:
Some incels can afford this or would work harder to afford this. Some might even be NEETs but their family would support them if they believe it helps their son and gets them grandchildren.

JFLing if you believe in "age of consent" when you can adopt a baby girl.

That part is for intellectual dwarfs / closet babyphiles who would oppose it because the thought of a man having sex with a baby pops into their head.

If you don't like girls under a certain age, then you could just wait until then or decide it's not worth it to you.

you can go to some shit countries and just buy someones daughter tbh, no need to wait more than a decade. i remember reading about some guy who visited some poor remote village in brazil and the guy in whose house he stayed let him fuck his jb daughter in exchange for extra cash.

I mean idk
i don't think i'd want to wait till 38 years old to fuck her
i'd rather just cope with sexdolls and prostitutes
why raise another man's daughter even if you raise her as your own?
cause you MIGHT be able to marry or fuck her when she becomes legal?
giga cope
she'd be fucking chad before she turned legal

Bathe her
Change her into new clothes
Sleep in same bed
Make up a game

Fucked up idea, won't work.
Foids will be foids.

Let's break it down starting from one years old to ten years old.

When and how would it fail?

what if you pay them and they end up with a baby boy?

They should agree beforehand to abort it. And you don't pay the full amount until they give her to you.



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